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Sophos Home Free Internet Protection SophosAnyone else a little bit freaked out by the Internet and computers these days? I know I can’t be the only one! Especially now that I’m a momma & Kannon is old enough to play around on the computer (ABC Mouse & PBS Kids), what’s lurking behind that screen kind of scares me. Maybe it’s also because running my business requires me to be on the computer quite often. Between emails, social media, & actual website content, I’m opening up our home to the possibility of malware or viruses. I’m not even fully aware of the damage hackers can do either, so that’s freaky enough!

Let’s be real, while we are all Internet obsessed, there are some pretty scary things (& people) out there that we don’t want coming into our home, even if it’s just virtually. As I’ve started becoming more aware and focused on ways to keep my little family safe from things like toxins in the home, radiation, and viruses, I’ve been browsing services to help.

When it comes to computers, Sophos Home is an incredible company making it really easy to protect your family through secure internet. Some other virus protectors can be a bit confusing and time-consuming, which I was not into, but Sophos breaks it down in a way that’s simple and quick. Plus, I honestly feel really safe with it & it’s FREE! Another bonus? They’re doing an incredible sweepstakes where you can win some awesome products! One grand prize winner will win a Macbook & two additional winners will receive Apple Watches!

It’s funny as a mom what stuff you start to worry about (everything, right?!), but it feels good to have peace of mind when it comes to the Internet since it’s such a part of our culture now. If you’re worried or unsure about what’s behind that screen, you can download Sophos right here.Now I’m not as stressed about Kannon being on the computer or spending so much time browsing the web for work. I hope it makes you feel safer too!

If you haven’t already, please watch the video above because it had both me & my husband laughing SO hard! One of the most genius things we’ve seen in a long time!

Thanks to Sophos for sponsoring this post. Because of you, this anxious momma gets through the day a little bit easier 😉

Making Yourself A Priority

Making Yourself A Priority

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With the outpour of support from my post (thank you all!) about life’s changes and what I want to incorporate into this blog, I’d love to talk about making yourself a priority. As women, and especially moms, the to-do list that comes with life gets long, right? It’s in our DNA to take a lot on, sometimes too much. There’s not only society pressure, but the pressure we put on ourselves to keep our relationships going, look good, feel good, be a quality mom, sister, friend, partner, keep the house together, maintain a career, whatever. It’s a lot!

It can be easy to put others first and ourselves last, but at some point, it’s our duty to put the focus back on ourselves. It can seem like an oxymoron, but I think putting time into yourself ultimately makes us better for those we love. I also want to teach my boys that while women can handle a lot, we also deserve time for ourselves—just like everyone does!

You’ll probably have other things that refresh you and make you uniquely feel good, but here are some of my favorite ways to focus on myself.

Bath time

When my husband is kind enough to take the boys and let me have some mama time, I’ll take a bath, turn on “spa” music, put a face mask on, throw some epsom salt into the water, and either read or close my eyes. Something about sitting in warm water is so relaxing, and I come out 30 minutes later feeling like a new person. After the boys go to bed is a perfect time if my husband is busy.

Solo grocery shopping

It makes me laugh to think how happy this task makes me when I’m by myself since it’s so mundane, but browsing the farmer’s market or store alone is so blissful. I have time to look around and check labels, and I’m not moving as quickly as possible like I am when the boys are joining. Instacart (during nap time) is almost as nice for the days I don’t have time to get to the store.

Magazines and manicures

Ahhh, there’s not much better than going to the salon for a manicure and solid reading time. Not only am I getting pampered, but I’m catching up on mindless reading and just zoning out. Feels amazing!

Mom or not, I think it’s important for women to get their alone time and bring focus internally. Do you have a favorite way to pamper or prioritize yourself? I’d love to hear!

How To Simplify Life

4 Ways To Simplify Life

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It seems like whenever I talk to friends or family, everyone answers the question of “How are you?” with “busy!” I definitely do it, too, but it’s kinda scary that life seems to get crazier and crazier, right? And with my boys growing up, I want to prevent them – at least as much as I can – from needing to be constantly over-stimulated. I think it’s important to practice simplicity whenever possible, so I’ve been creating ways to keep things uncomplicated.

I hope some of these ideas work for you, too!

1. Phone breaks

Half the time I’m on my phone, I’m trying to multitask 5 other things which gets overwhelming quickly. Plus, a lot of time, I’m just trying to get through my Instagram feed or something silly. So, I’ve been leaving my phone alone for an hour a couple times a day. Taking a break from it lets me focus on the boys, my husband, or myself in a stress-free, calm way!

2. Organize closets

I’m definitely guilty of having messy closets, but when I’m feeling overwhelmed with life, cleaning out our closets helps. It not only makes getting the boys ready easier because I know everything in their room actually fits, but it helps me pick out clothes for myself, too! I’ll forget about an outfit I want to shoot if it’s hidden in a crazy closet. It’s also one less mess to stare at and get frustrated by daily. Plus, it feels great to donate old items and detoxify a bit.

3. Find go-to recipes

This is important if you have a family or not because figuring out meals can be time-consuming. Every couple months, I like to go through my recipes and update them with some new easy, simple meals for the season. I’ll make a list of ingredients for all the meals, then will go to the store and get a couple meal’s worth of each. That way I know what options I have and the ingredients are ready to go.

4. Keep cards and wrapping paper on hand

I used to wait until the last minute to get cards or wrapping paper for gifts, but then I started buying them in bulk. You can get the stock cards that are blank inside and use them for any occasion which is really simple. Then, having wrapping paper, a few sized bags, and tissue paper stored away is a huge help as well. One less thing to do before a party, yay!

Do you guys have any tips or ways to simplify life?

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