Valentines Day Family Photos

Our Valentine’s Day Plans

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I have all things red & pink on my mind. Who doesn’t love a good excuse to celebrate the ones we love?! I’m especially happy this year because I’m lucky enough to have THREE of the cutest valentines around! 🙂

Like I said above, I love a good reason to celebrate & I love any excuse to get coordinated outfits for all of us. How cute are these ‘Heartbreaker’ button-ups for the boys? I was obsessed the second I saw them & I loved that Kannon wanted to match with his brother. They look so adorable when they’re in matching clothes! Also, I’m obsessed with the fit of these jeans. They are beyond comfortable & I love the mix of different color denim together!

If you’re still in the market for some cute clothes for you & your family for Valentine’s Day (or spring in general), go check out Old Navy! They had such cute pieces for all of us & they always have the best deals. We’ll be headed back soon to pick out some more spring/summer clothes for the boys soon because it has been blazing hot here in Los Angeles lately. I can see a lot of beach days in our future!

As for our plans for Valentine’s Day, we’ll probably be spending the day on an adventure with the boys & then having a date night in when they go to sleep. Are we the only ones who love to have date nights in after the kids go to sleep? We love to order in (or make) food & watch movies cuddled up on our couch. Might sound basic to some but it’s our absolute favorite!

Do you guys have any fun Valentine’s Day plans?!

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Staying Active With Your Kids

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We are really trying to start this New Year off with a great start & being active is one of our main priorities. Goodbye holiday weight!

keeping kids active olympics tank top father son activities

Our boys are obviously still quite young so our goal is to teach them to be active at this age & hope that it will stick with them throughout their lives. When being active is almost second nature, it makes it much easier to live a healthy lifestyle!

Honestly, getting our boys outdoors, running around & playing with them is one of my favorite things because they are just incredibly happy when they’re playing & out in nature. If you’re a parent, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about! Kids are just meant to run & play! It’s not only good for their physical health but their mental health as well!

Now, I don’t know about you guys but we’re suuuper excited for the Olympics this year!! This will be the first Olympics Kannon can actually watch & understand so that makes it even more exciting for our household. He’s always fascinated by people playing sports & is obsessed with running fast so I can’t wait to see his reaction to these incredible athletes performing! With that said, we loved heading into Old Navy & picking out our favorite Team USA pieces. You guys know that we love Old Navy because it’s the perfect one stop shop for our whole family & new active wear was the perfect motivation for getting out & about! Plus, Old Navy is having an incredible sale (20% off everything today!) that you DO NOT want to miss! Seriously, it’s that good!

staying active with your kids

Is being more active one of your goals/resolutions? Are you excited for the Olympics?



My Outfit:

USA Tank Top

Black Long Sleeve Open Back Top

Black Leggings

Sports Bra

Adam’s Outfit:

Long Sleeve USA Zip Up

Grey Sweatpants

Kannon’s Outfit:

Red USA Tee

Navy Pants

Navy Zip Up

Hendrix’s Outfit:

Red & White Baseball Tee

Navy Leggings

*Special thanks to Old Navy for sponsoring this post!

I hope you all enjoyed this post about staying active with your kids 🙂


change your mindset

How-To Change Your Mindset

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When I started thinking of ways I could make this year great, the words ‘slow down’ immediately popped into my head. It was honestly like magic & in that moment, I knew that was exactly what I wanted (& needed) to do. The past year left me feeling tired, weak, completely barren of creativity & with the New Year approaching, I was ready for a new start. The second the clock chimed on January 1st, I was determined to make some changes!

I have full intentions to make this year wonderful. That’s not to say that I won’t have trials or hard times but I know that a major shift in attitude can alter my life in a drastic way. I realize we’re only a week into the New Year but I honestly feel like a new person & I feel so much more capable to handle whatever life throws at me. Which brings me to the whole point of this post: What exactly I’m doing different! & honestly, I think you’ll be surprised by the large impact a few small changes can have on your life.

how to self care


How come society makes us feel weak or like we’re not doing enough if we take some time for ourselves? It drives me crazy how we are expected to go a million miles per minute & accomplish 596 things every single day or else we’re just not trying hard enough! I think that the constant stress of trying to keep everything in my life perfect was slowly driving me insane. I hit a point where I just couldn’t do it anymore & I’m so happy to let you guys in on a little secret.. The world will keep turning, even if you take 30 minutes to just be still, read a book, take a bath, or whatever makes you happy! & guess what?! That time you spent on yourself might actually make you feel human again & in turn, make you feel productive enough to tackle that to-do list (or whatever you were putting off)! In all seriousness though, don’t forget about YOU. Take care of yourself! It is so much more important to keep your body & mind healthy than to just rush through life filling every second of everyday with mundane things. Life is far too short to not enjoy it!

being more present

Being Present

This has been a long time coming & finding the book “Present Over Perfect” was the kicker for me. Balancing working from home, being a full time mom & homeschooling Kannon has proven to be overwhelming at times. I knew that would be the case when we decided to homeschool but we thought long & hard/prayed over that decision for over a year (I’ll save that story for another time) & so I knew that I would manage somehow. It’s hard to work, teach school & be a family all out of the same space. It’s not impossible but it does take patience & a bit of planning. The hardest thing for me over the past year was shutting off my work mind & really being present with my boys & husband. I felt like I was missing out on so many moments just because I wasn’t “present” & since my family is my #1 priority, I knew that needed to change. While I still have my moments here & there (I’ve been practicing this one for the past couple of months), I’ve really been trying to separate my mom life from my work life & I can see such a difference in everyone’s moods. I love putting my phone away & concentrating 100% on my boys! I know they have noticed a major difference as well & that makes me a happy momma 🙂


When we moved home from NYC before Hendrix was born I had a major wake up call. We had too many things & they were actually stressing me out! I’m the type of person who’s brain can’t function properly if things in my home aren’t in order. Might sound a bit dramatic but especially as a creative mind, it’s truly hard for me to get work done when I’m surrounded by clutter. So ever since we’ve been back in our apartment here in LA (yes, Hendrix is 18 months old so it’s been a while haha), I’ve been slowly clearing out closets & getting rid of SO many things. & then when I think I’m finally finished, I realize I still have too many things & start all over again. It’s been a major process but I can honestly say that life runs a whole lot smoother when you don’t have so many things to clutter your space & in turn, your mind. It’s been a very freeing process!

I know that these may seem like very broad intentions but they are already changing my mood, my work & my life in general. Like I said before, it’s not always necessary to make a million changes or set an entire list of goals for the New Year. For me, it’s all about changing my mind set & using each day as a fresh start. We’ll all have ups & downs this year but with a different mindset, we’ll make it through!

I’d love to know what goals/resolutions/intentions you all made this year! Comment below if you’re comfortable sharing 🙂

Hello, 2018

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A year full of many highs but also many lows. The highs leaving me feeling exhilarated & flying on cloud 9. The lows leaving me feeling stressed & uncomfortable.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a downer post though! I’m not telling you this for pity & I’m definitely not going to give you a play by play of the last year because that would take far too long. I’m simply telling you this because I feel the desperate need to be honest with you all. 2017 was a HARD year for me.

I told you guys that 2017 was going to be a time where I opened up & got more personal. Unfortunately, instead, this past year was full of experiences that made me want to disappear & hide from the online community. Which in turn led to many weeks where I didn’t want to post at all. The struggle between wanting to share my life & be personal, while still keeping my life just that, “personal”, can be tough but I’m determined to find a balance.

All in all, 2017 was a year full of learning experiences & figuring out who I am now as I’m getting older. I love that the harder moments made me realize certain things about myself & helped me grow so much as an individual & mother. I’m so thankful that I have such a supportive & wonderful husband & I love how much closer I have grown with my little family over the past year!

I’m starting 2018 completely different than I have started any other year & I am beyond thrilled for this fresh start! Stay tuned for a couple of posts on how I’m making this year different & how I’m going to make intentions instead of resolutions!

Hello, 2018!!

Old Navy Pajamas

My Favorite Tradition | Jingle Jammies

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Growing up we had quite a few Christmas traditions. While I loved them all, my absolute favorite tradition was new Christmas pajamas every year. This was a tradition that I knew I wanted to carry on in my little family & it just gets better every year as the boys get older! Watching their eyes light up when they opened their Christmas pajamas this year was my absolute favorite! I know I’m biased but how adorable are they in their matching onesies!?
Old Navy Jingle JammiesJingle Jammies
This year, we chose our pajamas from Old Navy’s Jingle Jammies & it was honestly difficult to narrow it down to one pair because they have the cutest selection! (I was also obsessed with this pair & this pair for the boys) Also, the pajama pants I’m wearing are my new favorites, comfy & cute! & how amazing is the print on Adam’s pants? I died when I saw them!!
Growing up we always opened up our Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve but the past couple of years we’ve been opening them earlier so that we can get more wear out of them. I’ve loved this change so much because I love to celebrate Christmas for as long as I can! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t? 🙂
Old Navy Christmas Old Navy Holiyay Family Christmas Pajamas Old Navy Holiday Pajamas Old Navy Baby Holiday Family Jammies  Do you guys have a holiday pajama tradition?? If you do, check out Old Navy‘s selection because you will not be disappointed! Also, if you’re looking for a last minute gift, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a pair of comfy Jingle Jammies! (I’m also obsessed with that name & think I’ll call our pajamas that every year now!)

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old navy buffalo plaid

Into The Wild

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Our favorite time of the year has finally arrived! The temperature has dropped & we’ve already taken our second trip to the mountains. We headed a couple of hours out of LA for a little getaway in the mountains & it felt so good to get out of the city. We all are so much happier when we get outdoors, so I think you could say this holiday season is off to the perfect start!
family photo outfitsSince we would be in the perfect setting, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to take a few family photos. How adorable are all of my boys in their matching buffalo plaid!? I couldn’t resist these little Sherpa & plaid jackets for the boys from Old Navy. All 3 of them were so excited to be matching & I’m not exaggerating when I say that they’ve been wearing these everyday since they arrived because they are beyond cozy. They’re the perfect pop of color for these photos too!
holiday photo ideas holiday photo outfitsmother son family photo idea
I am obsessed with the Sherpa trend right now & Old Navy has the cutest pieces for the whole family. We’re already planning another trip to the mountains for more of an excuse to bundle up in these comfy pieces! Also, you guys might not be able to tell from the photos but these are the softest jeans I’ve ever worn & I legitimately can’t stop wearing them. I’m all about comfort AND style when it comes to our fall/winter wardrobes, it’s so important!
family holiday photo idea father and son photo ideas couples holiday photosIf you’re in search of the perfect gifts for family & friends, check out these Sherpa pieces! They would make the perfect gift to cozy up in all winter long 🙂

holiday photo locations southern california holiday photo outfit ideas holiday family photos 2017

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Gregory Family Vlogs

The Gregory Family Vlogs

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I’m really excited to introduce you all to our fun new little project, The Gregory Family Vlogs! I always get requests for more posts including my little family & we thought this would be the perfect way to show you guys more of our “real” life! This is #4 so make sure & head on over to our channel to see the others.

I hope you guys enjoy the videos & make sure to subscribe to see more!

struggles as a mom

4 Things I Struggle With As A Mom

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I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while & I am honestly so happy to be sharing the things I struggle with as a mom with you guys. I feel like sometimes we feel ashamed because we have these struggles, but honestly, I have learned that talking about my struggles & embracing the fact that I’m not perfect, has helped me in so many ways. I hope you all will read this with open minds & know that if you struggle with any of these, you’re not alone!
millenial motherhood
People aren’t lying when they say that comparison is the thief of joy. I can go from having a great day & feeling like supermom to questioning every parental decision I’ve ever made. That might sound dramatic but if you’re a parent, you know that it’s so easy to compare yourself to other parents. Especially with social media these days. I find myself looking at other moms & thinking, “how do they look so put together all the time!?” When you’re at home at 2 in the afternoon looking like a hot mess & your kids are still in their pajamas eating cereal off of the coffee table, it’s easy to compare yourself. I’ve finally learned that no one’s life is picture perfect. If anyone tries to claim that, they’re straight up lying to you! Every single human being has bad days & that is perfectly okay! So the next time you find yourself comparing your life or mothering skills to someone else, take a minute to look around & find the things that you’re thankful for. That might sound silly but whenever I think of all the great things in my life, it makes it easier to stop comparing myself & my life to anyone else.
Oh man, mom guilt is SO real. I honestly had no clue how bad it was until I had to stop breastfeeding Kannon at 8 weeks old. I don’t know why but the second you get pregnant or have/adopt a child, so many people take it upon themselves to tell you how exactly you should be raising said child. The amount of people that have told me how to raise my kids & how the things I’m doing are wrong, is absurd. If you’re a mom, you know exactly what I’m talking about! But guess what? We are all doing the best we can & as women, we should be encouraging each other & not tearing each other down. It makes me beyond happy to see all of these online mom communities popping up! (If you’re not part of one, let me know & I can send you the link to a really great one!) We feel enough mom guilt on our own so let’s stop making each other feel down about our choices & start embracing our differences. I promise that as cliche as that sounds, the support of other women can change our whole mentality & make motherhood the most amazing journey!
struggles young mothers
I truly believe that patience is one of the hardest lessons of being a parent. You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I have to stop what I’m doing & take a deep breath to keep myself from losing my cool. I love my boys more than anything, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t test my patience. In fact, raising little humans requires the most insane amount of patience! Teaching them & guiding their lives so that they will become functioning adults is not an easy task. But in my opinion, being a parent is the most rewarding experience & worth every little moment of frustration. I’ve actually learned to appreciate a lot more of the little things in life. Stopping to smell the flowers (or admire everything we come across) actually makes you realize how beautiful life is & how lucky we are to live in this incredible world. Sometimes it just takes a bit of patience to get to that point of realization 🙂
-Time Management
I saved this for last because it’s probably the hardest thing I struggle with as a mom. I get asked ALL the time how I balance being a mom & run a small business at the same time. To be honest, it’s all still a work in progress! Most days I feel like a hot mess while trying to get work done AND be a good mom. I don’t have a nanny so every day is a constant struggle of making time for my boys & figuring out how to accomplish work tasks. Being organized has helped me balance both though & I think
I will do a full post on how I make time for it all. But for now, just know that my life is not perfect & if you ever need someone to vent/relate to, I am always here to chat! Being a mom is amazing & while we all struggle at times, surrounding ourselves with encouraging & supportive friends definitely helps 🙂


Kohl's Back to School

Back to School Under $50

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How is it already time for kids to be going back to school?! I swear it was just June & now it’s already the middle of August. Time goes by far too quickly these days!

back to school boys

While we’ve been doing school activities with Kannon for the past year, this year he officially starts preschool! How is my little babe so grown up? (Apparently, I’m freaking out about how quickly time is flying by haha!) In all seriousness though, it’s crazy to me that he’ll be starting kindergarten next year. If you’re a parent, you know the saying about how the days are long but the years are short. It’s SO true!

Enough about time though, let’s get into the best part about kids going back to school… The shopping! Kannon is at the age where he wants to pick out the clothes he wears (& I let him to an extent ;)). We did some shopping at Kohl’s again & he went through & picked out all of his favorite things. He has been obsessed with his “fast shoes” (black Nike’s) for over a year now but was so excited to get these black Vans & white Converse to switch things up. I love that Kohl’s has SO many different brands & options for our boys because I love that I can get everything from one store. Plus, I know that I’m getting high-quality products that my boys love, for an affordable price. It’s so nice to be able to find back to school outfits for under $50! Every outfit he’s wearing in these photos, he helped pick out & I love that he’s just as happy as I am about every piece. As you can tell, he’s got his Game Face on & he’s ready to face anything that comes his way! #GameOn

For all of you parents doing back to school shopping for your kiddos, Kohl’s is having a 20% off sitewide Friends & Family sale with the code FF20OFF 8/17-8/20 so don’t miss out on that one 🙂 (Exclusions: Gift Cards Kohl’s Cares® cause merchandise or other charitable items prestige brands of cosmetics, skincare and select brands of fragrance select electrics premium electronics and warranty products consumables premium sunglasses sporting goods sports team merchandise select online-exclusives American Girl Columbia Converse Dyson Koolaburra by UGG Levi’s Nike and Under Armour)

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kohls jumping beans

Play-Proof Clothes

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If you’ve been following along for a while, you know that one of our favorite things to do is go on adventures. There is nothing better than seeing the world through our boys’ eyes.

One of our favorite places to adventure here in Southern California is Malibu. The beaches are gorgeous & the hikes are absolutely breathtaking. Point Dume is one of our favorite places to take the boys because It’s a relatively easy hike (I would recommend some closed toe shoes though). It has some of the most incredible views of the coast & is perfect for kids because it’s a reasonably quick trip to the top & not very steep. We try to get our boys outdoors as much as possible because let’s be honest, most little boys would prefer to be outside all day long!

With all of our outdoor adventures, it’s really important for us to have clothes for Kannon & Hendrix that are going to last & be 100% play-proof. You guys know that I love Kohl’s & that the majority of my boys’ wardrobe is purchased from there because it’s the perfect one-stop-shop, it’s affordable & the quality is great for active kids. I love that while the clothes are high quality & geared for play, they’re made from comfortable materials so I don’t have to stress about my boys being uncomfortable, even when they’re napping. Comfort & quality are honestly the most important things I look for when purchasing clothes & I never have to worry when shopping at Kohl’s because I know exactly what I’ll be getting, even when I order online. Also, I love that Kohl’s carries some of my favorite brands like Adidas & Nike because I can match with Kannon 🙂

If you guys are ever in Southern California, I highly recommend hiking to the top of Point Dume. You won’t be disappointed!!


Thanks to Kohl’s and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post!

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