Orange County, CA-based creator and sharer of all things fashion, beauty, travel, and family experiences.

Hi there! I’m Sheridan Gregory, and I created this space right here in Orange County, CA, for all things fashion, beauty, travel, and family. From outfits and makeup tutorials to adventures and unexpected moments, it’s all here. With over 40,000 followers on Instagram, we’ve got quite the community going on!

Before settling on my own name, my blog was known as Blue Eyed Finch. I wanted it to represent everything that brings me joy, and I’m all about normalizing wearing and doing what makes you happy. Changing the name was a big step, and I hope my content continues to inspire you and add a little sparkle to your day!

Family means everything to me, and you’ll often see posts with my husband, Adam, and our two beautiful children. Health and fitness are also close to my heart. So why not subscribe and become a part of our friendly community? Let’s celebrate creativity, happiness, and all the good things in life together. See you around! xoxo

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Sheridan Gregory