Kannon’s 1st Birthday

Kannon’s 1st Birthday

My Sweater: Maj TeesKannon’s Sweater: Zara – Kannon’s Leggings: Loola
 I still can’t believe my baby boy is 1… It feels like he is growing daily & learning new things left & right. His new favorite word? Cracker! They’re his favorite snacks. We had such a fun little party for him on Saturday! It was so fun to get our family & close friends together to celebrate his special day. Oh & everyone spoiled him beyond belief!! Thank you for all the birthday wishes, they mean so much to all of us!

On another note, thank you all for voting for me in the 39Nineteen blogging contest to win a trip to Paris Fashion Week! I’m currently in 2nd place but would absolutely love it if you would keep voting for me everyday until the 14th!! It literally takes a second & it’s just a click to vote! You can vote HERE!

Oh & the winner of the Urban Peach Boutique giveaway is….
McKenzie (kenzielynnd)
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650 975

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