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Ah I’m so sorry for the lack of posts! Our internet has been down & my blog has been doing some funky things BUT I think it is fixed now! (Let me know if it isn’t though haha) We did this photo shoot for N8 a couple weeks ago (those of you who follow me on instagram saw the cute photo of Kannon in his N8 beanie :)) This might be my favorite sweater from N8 so far (I obviously love all of them because I wear them all the time) but there is just something about this one! Adam & I both wear ours all the time & yes, some days we are matching… Get over it! 😉 I’m probably going to have to do a separate post of photos of Kannon from this shoot because he literally stole the show. Yes, I’m his mom but he just looked so dang cute I couldn’t stand it!!

As you may know by now, I didn’t win the trip to Paris Fashion Week (they picked the girl from the UK).. But I am so incredibly grateful for all of you who voted for me! I know I was soo annoying about it (I was even annoyed of myself haha). I promised you guys that I would do something fun for you when it was all over sooo.. I’ve teamed up with N8 to give away ONE lucky winner a NERD sweater & a N8 beanie! & guess what!? This is the first contest that I’m making international!!! So EVERYONE enter below to win! You’ll absolutely love the sweater & beanie, promise!!

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