Be Ocean Minded

650 433 Sheridan Gregory

This past week I went to a fun event on the beach with my sister. We had a great yoga class on the sand & then picked up trash around the beach (we ended up picking up 95 lbs of trash!!!). I know that may not seem very fun but it was such an awesome experience. It is disgusting how much trash ends up on the beach & then goes into our oceans. It honestly is disgusting & makes me want to help clean up our beaches more often! All of those videos of cute ocean animals wrapped in trash are real! Let’s do our part & help keep our beaches & oceans clean by not littering & maybe even cleaning up trash when we see it on the streets (or beaches). A big thank you to Ocean Minded for putting it on, LuLu Lemon for the yoga & Nekter for the delicious juice!
Sheridan Gregory