DIY-Relaxing Lavender Body Scrub

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It’s almost the weekend & I literally could not be more excited about it! It seems like life has just gotten super busy the past month or so. It’s always good to be busy but you need to balance the busy with some relaxation or you will eventually crash. It’s been hard lately balancing Adam & I both working & taking care of Kannon at the same time. Neither of us likes to be away from him.. But such is life!
Anyways, when life has me feeling run down, I love to do a little relaxing. My favorite is to do a session of hot yoga & then come home & take a nice steamy shower & use this Lavender Body Scrub! The lavender really is so calming & the way this scrub makes your skin feel after.. Gosh it’s just so smooth! I love making DIY beauty//body products because they are so much more affordable than store bought. If you need some relaxation, definitely give this a try! Guaranteed you won’t be disappointed!
2 C White sugar
10 drops Lavender essential oil
1 C Coconut oil (melted)
*Mix all ingredients together in a bowl & store in an airtight container. As easy as that! 🙂

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Sheridan Gregory