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“Ferro Cosmetics has partnered with Fashion
Hope to make dreams come true. Hope to Thailand is a project spearheaded
by our Ambassador Kelly King and Hanne
Fellers founder of Passport 2 Freedom. If we made conscious decisions
about what t-shirt we bought or jewelry we wore you’d be amazed at the
impact you could have on someone’s life on the other side of the world!
Donate now to empower women in Thailand who have been victims of sex
I was so honored when my friend Kelly asked me to be apart of this campaign! I am incredibly passionate about  this cause & think that Kelly & Hanne are amazing for all of the work they are doing for it! 
and Kelly will be traveling to Thailand just outside of Chiang Mai to visit the
women of Daughter’s Rising.  Co-founded by Alexa Pham and Hannah Herr,
Daughter’s Rising is a nonprofit organization that works to prevent sex trafficking
by empowering at-risk girls through education, training programs, and
scholarships.  There they will be teaching wire wrapping skills and
techniques to create a K Bird necklace that they can continue to make once
Hanne and Kelly have left.  The proceeds of those necklaces will continue to
go directly to Daughter’s Rising and the women they support.  

goal is that this will be the start of a larger sustainability model we can put
in place encouraging women that they have other options than falling prey to
trafficking and giving families hope that they don’t need to sell their
children to survive poverty.
To help employ at-risk women
outside of Chiang Mai, Daughter’s Rising created the Chai Lai Orchid to
offer paid training in guest relations, food & beverage, front
desk, and housekeeping.  In doing this, they were able to
improve the quality of life of vulnerable local women through self
sustaining economic integration.  Hanne and Kelly will be staying here
while they do the jewelry project with the women of the Kayah village.”
(Check out Fashion Hope & Passport 2 Freedom to learn more about their organizations) You can check out what this entire campaign is about HERE! Love you all!

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Sheridan Gregory