Trees of Mystery

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I’m sorry that I’ve just been posting photos from my trip! I just love all of our photos & want to remember them forever & share them with you guys ūüôā I also got some crazy bite on my face while we were on our trip & it turned into a bit of a staph infection (if you’re new to the blog, I used to get these but haven’t had one in ages). So since I had big red bumps on my cheek, I didn’t want to take outfits post photos haha. Good news though, it has basically cleared up & I just shot 3 outfits so stay tuned!! Anyways, these photos are from the Redwoods again at a place called Trees of Mystery. It was a cool short hike through the gorgeous Redwoods & it was so much fun! Kannon loooves being outdoors so he obviously loved it, hence him playing in the dirt & playing with rocks in the photos haha. He also walked basically the whole way on his own. Such a little champ!! Hope you guys are having a great week!

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Sheridan Gregory