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Tee Shirt: c/o Flybird ApparelJeans: c/o DittosBoots: c/o JustFabEarrings: NordstromNecklace: Kate Spade
Am I the only one obsessed with inspirational quotes? I literally can read a random quote & get pumped up about life! I really hope I’m not the only one.. I’m not right?! Well, we have been in Utah for about a week & a half now & if you read my post about relocating here, you know I was kind of freaking out over the whole thing. (Good news is that I’ve only had one day where I called my mom & told her I wanted to go home haha :)) I’ve been able to keep myself pretty busy & the rain has been amazing! I’m not going to lie & say I’m not homesick because I am missing home & my friends in LA like crazy. I’ve found myself in bed late at night though (snuggling my boys) & just thinking about how blessed I am & how truly happy I am no matter where I’m at, as long as I’m with Adam & Kannon. If we all just take a minute everyday & think of even just one thing that makes us happy, I think we can overcome just about anything. That’s why I love this tee from Flybird Apparel, it’s the perfect reminder to be happy! I hope you all enjoyed that little PSA haha. Sometimes I just gotta rant a bit.
DISCLAIMER: I know relocating to Utah for a few months isn’t a big deal at all & that there are so many other people in the world with bigger problems haha but like I said in my other post, I have a hard time with change. We are all fighting our own battles right? 🙂

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Sheridan Gregory