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 Sometimes I post pictures where I have 14 chins because I think Kannon looks adorable. The things we do for our kids! πŸ˜‰

My Tee: c/o Indy Brand ClothingJeans: c/o DittosShoes: ConverseBracelet: c/o Stella & Bow 
Kannon’s Tee: c/o Indy Brand ClothingAdam’s Tee: c/o Indy Brand Clothing

Photos by: Pink Lemonade Photography

Okay, so I know that was a ton of photos but I just couldn’t help myself because I loved all the ones with Kannon in them! He is growing sooo stinkin fast & I just love capturing these special moments with him. He’s literally my best buddy these days. We spend all day together here in Utah & he has the best personality that keeps me laughing & smiling all day long! I thank the Lord daily for sending me this little angel. If you know him, you know he has the sweetest little spirit & is just a ton of fun! I love Indy Brand Clothing & if you couldn’t tell already, the whole family is obsessed. Kannon literally loves his bear shirt & the second Adam saw it online, he wanted one haha. We are that family that matches & I am not ashamed of it! πŸ™‚ Oh & if you are ever in need of some photos in Utah, hit up Jocelyn at Pink Lemonade Photography because you will not be disappointed!

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Sheridan Gregory