White Lace Romper

White Lace Romper

White Lace Romper White Lace Romper White Lace Romper White Lace Romper White Lace Romper

White Lace Romper: Forever 21Longline Cardigan: Asos similar HereNecklace: c/o Capwell + Co

You probably saw this look a few days ago when I posted our picnic on the beach here but I just couldn’t resist posting more photos of this look 🙂 This day at the beach was so much fun! The weather wasn’t sunny or completely ideal but it just goes to show that you can have fun in any condition. June gloom has been going on for a good solid two months on & off but that hasn’t stopped us from having beach days. I honestly don’t like going to the beach when it’s hot outside because I feel like I’m going to pass out from heat exhaustion haha. Moral of the story, I have an obsession with this white lace romper & honestly just white rompers in general. I think that if you have a white romper in your Summer wardrobe, you are set! I found some of my favorite white rompers above in case you guys are looking to add one to your wardrobe.

On another completely different note, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has started!!! If you’re a Nordstrom Rewards Member, you can shop the sale early from the 9th-17th! If you’re not a Rewards Member, don’t worry because you can start shopping on the 17th 😉 You guys know how I feel about sales… Is it even necessary at this point to go on my typical rant? Probably not but to make a long story short (in case you are new around here) I can’t pass up a sale. There is just something in my DNA that makes me not be able to pass up a deal. I know, it’s a problem & I’m currently working on it haha. Stay tuned for my favorites from the sale & to see what I purchase. In all reality, who can resist buying pieces on sale before they go to full price!? #shopaholicsanonymous 🙂

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