Diamond Print Pants

Diamond Print Pants

Summer Road Trip Summer Road Trip Summer Road Trip Summer Road Trip Summer Road TripDiamond Print Pants: Forever 21Denim Vest: c/o YMI Jeans similar HereWhite Tee Shirt: Forever 21 ($5!!!)Black Hat: Topshop – Sunglasses: ASOS

I know, this vest & hat again.. At least I warned you guys though, right!? They are staple pieces in my wardrobe & they’re both perfect for layering a more basic outfit & making it look more put together. These pants are the most comfy pants I’ve ever worn, not even exaggerating either. They’re the softest material & you basically get away with wearing pajamas all day. That’s always a win in my book! We took these photos while we were driving from Nevada to Utah & this look is my ideal road trip outfit. Comfort is key when you’re in the car for hours upon hours. Plus, this tee shirt & diamond print pants are both a total steal which is always a major plus in my book. 

On a completely different topic, we’ve been trying to trim Kannon’s hair for the past month or so. Every time we have tried, he freaks out & refuses to let us cut it. I finally couldn’t take it any longer though, he had a legit bob going on! So I had the brilliant idea of taking him to a place here in Utah (I won’t mention the name) & told them I wanted a trim. I specifically asked for a little trim so it wasn’t in his eyes & a bit layered in the back so that it didn’t look like a little girls haircut. The girl said okay perfect, we’ll just do a long shaggy trim. Little did I know, she was about to cut basically all of his hair off… (Insert crying emoji)! I felt bad because he was crying the first part of the cut but he wasn’t moving around at all so there really wasn’t a reason for her to cut it so short. He now has a short little boys cut & he looks sooo much older that it’s freaking me out. While he still looks cute (we’re his parents so we obviously think he’s the cutest boy in the universe :)) we can’t wait for it to grow out a bit so he has his little waves/curls in the back. Stay tuned for some photos of his new haircut though!

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