Plaid Poncho

Plaid Poncho

Plaid Poncho Plaid Poncho Plaid Poncho Plaid Poncho

Plaid Poncho Plaid PonchoPlaid Poncho: NordstromJeans: Dittos Brand – Tan Booties: JustFab

I almost forgot about this look until I went through our Canada photos again.  First off, I still can’t get over how stunning Canada is. If you’re planning a trip, I highly recommend going to Banff National Park! Between Lake Louise, Moraine Lake & Lake Minnewanka, I have never seen more beautiful scenery. The water is literally turquoise blue & looks like a painting. I wish I could go back again right now because it is insanely beautiful! If you couldn’t tell, I’m having major withdrawals 🙂

Now onto this look.. I know some people might not be massive fans of the poncho/cape trend but I am quite obsessed. I was a bit iffy when I first saw it & when I showed Adam this particular piece, he was a bit iffy as well. BUT when I pulled this out of the box, both of our minds were completely changed & my obsession began. These ponchos are honestly perfect for when the temperatures drop. They’re easy to throw on over an outfit & can turn something basic into a stand out look. Plus, they are beyond comfy & feel like you’re wearing a blanket out in public, without actually wearing a blanket. There are so many fun ponchos/capes out right now but I will admit that this plaid poncho is definitely my favorite! It’s very reasonably priced & it comes in another color so in my opinion, it’s a no brainer. In case you’re not into the plaid, I listed some more of my favorite choices below.

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