Goodbye Summer

Goodbye Summer

Tropical Floral Dress Tropical Floral DressDress: c/o Girls On FilmSandals: c/o Sole Society

I’m literally shocked that it’s already the end of September.. I’m not sure where Summer went (we were gone almost the entire Summer, so maybe that’s where it went) but I do know that it’s nearly October & it’s time to start saying “Goodbye Summer”. I’m going to be completely honest with you guys, it’s a bit hard to prep for Fall/Autumn when it’s been 90 degrees outside & we’ve been having beach days on the regular. I’m soaking up the sunshine while mentally preparing for cozy sweaters, vampy lips & pumpkin hot cocoa. I’m determined to start posting Fall outfits & makeup looks though so be prepared for those coming your way soon! Although I may be sweating profusely underneath my layers (TMI?) so if you see that, let’s pretend I’m just “glowing” 😉 On a serious note, I want to know what Fall/Autumn posts you guys want to see! Outfits, makeup tutorials, recipes, DIY’s? Let me know!!

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