Frayed Shirt Dress

Frayed Shirt Dress
683 1024 Sheridan Gregory

Frayed Dress Frayed Dress Frayed Dress Frayed Dress Frayed DressFrayed Dress: ASOS – Lace Up Heels: ASOS – Sunglasses: c/o DSTLD – Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington

Temperatures are still blazing here in LA. While it may be mid October, it feels more like mid June. I swear it normally isn’t even 100 degrees during the Summer! The weather is insane these days & I feel like I am completely missing out on all of the fun Fall activities. We went to the pumpkin patch today & it was blazing. Enough about the weather though! I love the detail on this frayed shirt dress & these lace up heels are just too good. Although after seeing these photos, I wanted to kick myself because I somehow didn’t realize I tied them in the front & I wanted them tied in the back.. Blonde moment? We’ll go with some lame excuse like that 🙂 Honestly though, the slight pointed toe & the laces up the ankles make these heels pure perfection. If you see them a lot over the next few months, I’m sorry that I’m not sorry. Oh & they are under $100 so you better snag a pair of these before they are gone. You can thank me later 🙂

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