Military Green Jacket

Military Green Jacket

Military Green Black J.Crew Hat Military Coat Take An Adventure Tee Adventure TeeMilitary Green Jacket: c/o Lookbook Store – Adventure Tee: c/o Rad (On Sale $14!) – Black Hat: J.Crew

I shot this look a few weeks after I found out I was pregnant & unfortunately got so sick that I took a hiatus from blogging. It feels SO good to be back now though! I figured I would share this look because I love this military green jacket & adventure tee (which is on sale for $14!). We shot these photos up at Big Bear & looking at them is making me a bit homesick for California. Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely loving NYC, it’s just a very big change. I think that both me & Kannon are going through a bit of an adjustment period still. As we slowly get our new place together & decorated, we both are feeling much better about the whole situation! I forgot how much work it is to decorate a new apartment (even if it’s just a small space) & because we still have our place in LA, we’ve had to order everything new & it’s taking awhile for it all to finally arrive. I can’t wait to be 100% settled! Enough rambling about or move though..

Stay tuned for more fashion & beauty posts coming soon! I have a few Valentine’s posts coming early next week & I’m incredibly excited for them (& I hope you guys will enjoy them as well 🙂

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