Pregnancy Q&A

Pregnancy Q&A

I’ve been getting quite a few pregnancy related questions lately, so I decided to put together a little pregnancy Q&A for you guys!

When are you due?
June 19th (but who knows if he’ll come a bit early or late :))

Do you have a name picked out?
-We have a couple that we’ve been going between & think we have it narrowed down but I’m thinking I might have to wait until I actually see him to be 100% sure!

What are you using for stretch marks? & did you get stretch marks with Kannon?
-My first pregnancy I used Bio Oil but then I found out it has mineral oil in it & isn’t that great for you.. Whoops! This time around I’ve honestly just been using coconut oil. It’s incredibly hydrating & to be honest, I believe that stretch marks are kind of a genetic thing. With my first pregnancy, I got a ton of stretch marks on the top of my booty (TMI?) & my sister got the exact same ones with her pregnancy. I also got a couple on my belly the first time but they’re not very noticeable unless you look for them. I’m sure I’ll get even more this time around though so I’m just mentally preparing myself for them!

Have you had any cravings?
-Yes! I don’t have the type of cravings where I absolutely need something that instant BUT I definitely have had some strong ones. If you follow me on Twitter, you have probably seen my random tweets! I think my biggest craving this time around has been a burger & fries. Which is odd since I don’t eat meat! But I did find out a few weeks ago that I was anemic so that kind of explains it. I happened to find an incredible veggie burger right down the street from us though & now I’m very happy 🙂

Are you nervous for baby #2?
-I would be 100% lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. I’m beyond excited for this baby & can’t even wait to meet him but I’m definitely nervous for how our life as a family of 3 will change! I’ve done a lot of reading about this (& I mean a lot) & I’ve found that feeling this way is very normal. I just get nervous for the adjustment period & how Kannon will feel not being the only one in our lives. I know everything will be amazing though! In all honesty, I just don’t do well with change in general!

What are the challenges of being pregnant with a toddler?
-Being pregnant with a toddler is definitely a bit more challenging than being pregnant for the first time. My first pregnancy, I was able to rest whenever needed & now that I have a 3 year old, it’s a bit harder to rest unless he’s down for a nap or asleep at night. All in all, I’m just a bit more tired this pregnancy!

What maternity pieces would you invest in?
-This pregnancy, my must have items & the pieces I would suggest for anyone to invest in are:
-A good pair of maternity jeans! They don’t have to be expensive, just a pair that you’re comfortable in while still feeling put together. My favorites are these ones that I’m constantly wearing from H&M. Oh & I also purchased two Belly Bands this time around so I could wear my non maternity jeans as long as they still fit. I would definitely suggest that as well!
-A few flowy tops. While I love form fitting tops & dresses on a baby bump, there are just those days where you want to be comfortable & not feel restricted in your clothes. I have a few that I really love that I rotate between.
-A good bra! I know that might seem silly but while pregnant, your chest area gets larger. Not just your boobs but your actual rib cage expands to make room for the baby. I like to get a new bra & size up for the expansion so that I don’t feel like I’m suffocating. It’s already hard enough to breathe while pregnant, no need to have something pressing down on your chest!

What are your favorite brands for maternity clothing?
– My favorites are definitely ASOS, H&M and Pink Blush. Lots of options & all very reasonably priced!

What’s your take on skincare & hair care during pregnancy?
– For hair, I avoid getting my hair colored the first trimester. My doctor told me that he doesn’t recommend for his patients to color their hair the first trimester while the baby is developing & that he doesn’t recommend all over color, just highlights (he’s not fully against it, just doesn’t recommend it). I’ve heard from other people that their doctors say it’s okay for the baby so I’m not saying if you color your hair during that time period that you’re doing something wrong. I just follow what my doctor suggests! As for skincare, I try to avoid harsh products/chemicals. With my first pregnancy, I went completely natural (honey, baking soda & apple cider vinegar – I have a full video on it here). This pregnancy I’ve just been trying to avoid those harsh products & use more gentle products.

Has pregnancy made your skin/hair better or worse?
– I’m not one of those girls who gets perfect glowing skin & long luxurious hair while pregnant. I don’t break out heavily while pregnant (I do get pretty terrible melasma though) but the texture of my skin changes & I notice that my makeup sits on top as opposed to looking more natural. I’m assuming that’s due to the fact that my skin gets more dry during this time & I find myself having to moisturizer like crazy! Thank goodness for luminous face products & highlighter so I can fake that “pregnancy glow” 🙂 As for my hair, I have very thin hair as it is & it just sort of stays that way. It definitely grows faster though! I will say that I’m not looking forward to the 6 month mark after having this little babe though. If you haven’t been pregnant before, be prepared to lose a lot of hair around your hairline! It will eventually grow back but I don’t want you all to be surprised when it happens 😉

What’s something you really love about being pregnant?
-While pregnancy can be hard at times, it’s honestly the most amazing miracle! There is nothing like feeling your baby grow inside of you!

Any tips for morning sickness or “all day nausea”?
– I wish there was a cure for morning sickness because it is the worst thing you can experience. I know that sounds dramatic but in my opinion, it’s just really really hard! This pregnancy, I survived off of nugget ice (or Sonic ice for all of you Sonic fans :)) & saltine crackers for the first trimester. I think I tried just about every trick to help with it too & while I didn’t have any luck, that doesn’t mean you won’t have any luck! Different things help different people so these are the things I would suggest trying: Sea Bands, Pregnancy Pops, Ginger & most importantly, drink fluids! I know that sometimes you just feel so sick that you can’t drink anything but you will feel worse if you aren’t staying hydrated & don’t have any food in your system. Try eating a couple crackers before even lifting your head off the pillow. Sometimes it’s the little things that help!

How much weight have you gained?
-I feel like this is a question that a lot of pregnant women get just due to curiosity from others.. & sometimes it’s hard for some people to want to talk about. With my first pregnancy, I’m not going to act like it wasn’t hard to watch the scale go up! I gained 39 lbs with Kannon & I’m on track to gain the same with this one. My doctor told me from the start with Kannon that I would gain between 35-45 pounds & that freaked me out! BUT when you think about it, you’re carrying a baby & in the end, it is what it is & stressing about it won’t do any good. I eat a pretty balanced diet (with the exception of a veggie burger here & there ;)) & just try to eat healthy & exercise once the baby is born!

I hope I answered your questions! If you have any others, feel free to ask!

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