Crochet White Dress

Crochet White Dress

Kendra Scott TurquoiseASOS White Crochet Kendra Scott Cuff Sole Society Hat Lace Up Flats Pregnancy StyleCrochet White Dress: ASOS

Lace Up Flats: c/o Banana Republic

Denim Jacket: c/o H&M

Gold Cuff: c/o Kendra Scott

Turquoise Necklace: c/o Kendra Scott

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of a white dress for Spring/Summer. I know I rambled on about white dresses in this post but I honestly just love the classic & clean look! I love that this crochet white dress is perfect for a day out & about AND that you could dress it up a bit by swapping out flats for some strappy wedges. I love pieces that you can transition from day to night just by changing your shoes!

I’m getting so excited to be back in LA so I can be wearing these types of pieces for a day at the beach & in the sun! While I love NYC, you really can’t beat the weather in Southern California. I missed beach days in February! & my skin has become even paler than I thought was possible haha. By the time you read this though, we’ll have just gotten back to LA & I’ll probably be soaking in as much Vitamin D as humanly possible & preparing for baby #2’s arrival! 🙂

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