NYC Kids Guide

NYC Kids Guide

For the past 4 months, we’ve been living in NYC & having the biggest adventure of our lives. There is something so energizing & vibrant about this city that is completely contagious for the whole family. Also, there are about one million activities & places to occupy your time with! Some of you might have the misconception that NYC isn’t child friendly (I know that I did for a time!) but I’m hear to tell you that there are so many fun activities & places you can take your kids for hours of entertainment. With the help of a good stroller (we took our Chicco Viaro all over the city!), you can literally go just about anywhere to explore. After 4 months of exploring, I’ve put together (with the help of my 3 year old son, of course) a NYC City Guide for all of you! While there are so many more things to do & see, these are our all-time favorite kid, parent & stroller approved activities in NYC!NYC Fire Museum1.) NYC Fire Museum
278 Spring St, New York, NY 10013

If your little one is as obsessed with fire trucks as ours is, this is a must stop! Honestly though, even if your little one isn’t pointing out every fire truck they see on the street & frequenting the local fire department, this would be a fun outing for them. There is so much to see there! It’s open 7 days a week (except major holidays) 10am to 5pm & is $8 for adults, $5 for children 12 & under (kids under 2 are free), seniors & students with ID’sNYC Chelsea Piers Chelsea Piers2.) Chelsea Piers
60 Chelsea Piers, New York, NY 10011

Whether it’s freezing outside, raining or a perfect sunny day, Chelsea Piers is one of the most entertaining places in the city! There are literally so many things to do here, from the driving range to the indoor ice skating rink to the toddler gym, there is something for every member of your family.NYC Natural History Museum3.) American Museum of Natural History
Central Park West 79th St, New York, NY 10024

I’m sure everyone of you has heard of this museum but if you haven’t actually been there, go immediately! This is another one that is perfect for adults & children alike. Our favorite were the dinosaur exhibits (our little one is going through a dinosaur phase & he was entertained for hours). There is so much to see that you could spend a full day here if you wanted or you could go for a half day & then head directly across the street to explore Central Park. Also, we loved that this museum is completely stroller friendly! A few museums we have gone to don’t allow strollers in a lot of places & that makes life difficult when you’re trying to get from exhibit to exhibit with a tired little one. There is an entrance on the side specifically for strollers/wheelchairs so you don’t have to climb the steps out front & fold up your stroller to get it through the door (although the first time we went, we didn’t know this. Luckily, our Chicco Viaro is SO light & can be folded with one hand (honestly, the greatest feature, especially for us moms when we have a toddler running around)!Brooklyn Bridge Chicco Viaro Review4.) Brooklyn Bridge

The first time we went to Brooklyn, we walked across the bridge & it quickly became one of our favorite activities! Kannon sat comfortably in the stroller the entire way & even took a little nap before we got to the other side to play at the park & grab some yummy food. Thank goodness for a comfy stroller when you’re out & about exploring NYC because it honestly makes naptime the easiest thing in the world! Your little one will always be comfortable because the Viaro features EPS energy-absorbing foam as well as a five-point harness (no little ones will be escaping this one J). Plus, I am obsessed with how large the storage bin under our Chicco Viaro is because you can fit everything you need for a day out around the city & you have access to it from both the front & back of the stroller!Chelsea Market Chicco Viaro Travel System NYC Guide for Kids Chelsea Market Flowers5.) The High Line & Chelsea Market
820 Washington St, New York, NY 10014

One of our absolute favorite things to do was head to The High Line & walk around (aka let Kannon run around until he wore himself out!) & then we would head below to Chelsea Market for some yummy food. There are so many different places to eat in Chelsea Market & they even have a little market where you can grab some fresh produce & go have a little snack up on The High Line. I seriously suggest trying out the fresh Italian food or the taco place! While Chelsea Market can be crowded, I love that our Chicco Viaro maneuvers easily around city blocks with its 3-wheel design & the ergonomically designed handle (which is padded so it’s extremely comfy to push around) makes it so easy to weave in & around people so you’re not running into anyone.

6.) Ferry to Statue of Liberty
Liberty Island, New York, NY 10004

While this is one of the most talked about tourist attractions in NYC, it’s a must do/see! A ferry ride is so fun for the kids & it makes it a perfect day activity. I would highly suggest that you check out the weather before booking though! We went on a gloomy day & while we still enjoyed the experience, it would have been much warmer on the ferry if it was a sunny day. City weather can sometimes be unpredictable, but the multi-position canopy offers maximum protection from the sun, wind and cold. This is the best canopy too because it actually clicks so that it doesn’t go flying up if the wind hits it. Be forewarned though that climbing the steps in the actual Statue of Liberty is very hot & such a small space! That’s the one part of the tour that you can’t take a stroller but other than that, we were so happy to have our Chicco Viaro with us because it’s the one stroller that Kannon will happily stay in, especially with the snack tray attached with a few yummy (& healthy!) snacks J

I hope you guys enjoyed this little city guide we put together for you & your kiddos! While there are so many incredible things to do in NYC, these are our absolute favorite options that are stroller friendly! & let’s be honest, everything is easier when you have a good stroller with you J For those of you in the market for a new stroller, I highly suggest this one! The Viaro Travel System is available at and Babies “R” Us for a suggested retail price of $349.99. The stand-alone stroller can be purchased for $199.99.NYC Kids Guide

*Thanks to Chicco for sponsoring this fun city guide/post!

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