Little Black Beach Dress

Little Black Beach Dress

Little Black Beach DressBlack Dress: ASOS

Lip Color: c/o Jouer

Since I’m still recovering from the delivery & sleepless nights (I forgot how exhausting waking up all during the night is!), I’m going to be posting a few looks from when I was still pregnant & ready to pop. To be honest, I spend the majority of my days now just snuggling my boys & barely even have time to shower or leave the house. The life of a mom might not always be the most glamorous but I’m pretty in love with my life & wouldn’t trade it for anything. Literally though! I know that’s cheesy but I wouldn’t want my life any other way, Okay, I promise I’ll stop being so cheesy in my posts now.

Now for this look! I’ve said it before in this post here but I’m going to say it again. I love the off the shoulder trend! I know, everyone is obsessed with this trend but I figured I would proclaim my love for it anyways.

This black off the shoulder dress is perfect for the warm weather (what’s up with this heat wave?!) & is great for a day out and about &/or a beach day. This dress really is the perfect little black beach dress! Plus, it is only $25 & comes in multiple colors! Grab one before they sell out!

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