Favorite iPhone Photo Apps

Favorite iPhone Photo Apps

blogger iphone apps Snapseed Stir MarketI get asked quite a bit how I edit my social media photos. Since I promised this post ages ago, I figured I would finally put a post together to tell you guys what my favorite iPhone photo apps are to edit with! While I don’t use a lot of apps to edit, the ones I use have so many options & make it incredibly easy. Let’s just jump right into it 🙂

VSCO – I know everyone is obsessed with VSCO Cam so it’s not anything new for you guys but I love it! I always use VSCO first & usually always use the filter A6. I lower the level of the filter so it’s not incredibly noticeable but I love the way it looks on my photos. There are so many different filters though & you can also edit your photo (brightness, contrast, etc.) but I rarely use that option on this app.

Snapseed – This is honestly my favorite photo app! I never post a photo without editing it on Snapseed first. My favorite tool on this one is the “Selective” tool! It allows you to edit certain parts of your photo & change the brightness, contrast & saturation.  This comes in handy for my outfit of the day photos because I like to brighten up the outside of the photo to match my brighter Instagram aesthetic. (No, I don’t have a very particular Instagram aesthetic, I just think bright & colorful photos are pleasing to the eye :)) Beyond the typical editing options of changing brightness, saturation, warmth, shadows, etc., I use Snapseed to straighten my photos. It’s always good to make sure the lines in your photo (the horizon, flooring tiles, etc.) are straight. There are also quite a few filters that you can use. I prefer VSCO for filters but that’s just my opinion!

What are your favorite apps for editing photos? I always love discovering new tools for photos & would love to hear your thoughts!

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