chicco bottles Chicco NaturalFit BottlesWhen I had Kannon, I was completely set on exclusively breastfeeding. I legitimately had it in my birth plan for the hospital to not give him a bottle or even a pacifier because I wanted him to be solely breastfed & latch easily.

Unfortunately life doesn’t always go as planned though & he was continually losing weight for the first weeks. After going to a lactation specialist, talking with his doctor, pumping and taking supplements, his weight loss had reached a point where I needed to start supplementing formula. Long story short, I wanted to be prepared for the same situation this time around & have bottles on hand just in case. I’m SO glad I did because Hendrix was a large baby (9 lbs 8 oz) & failed his blood sugar test multiple times after birth & needed formula pretty much instantly to raise his levels. I love these Chicco NaturalFit bottles because they are made to make the transition from breast to bottle super easy & I can honestly say that Hendrix didn’t struggle at all going between breastfeeding & the bottle. Which is a saving grace for us moms who have to immediately supplement (or choose to formula feed because there is nothing wrong with a formula fed baby!) because with the NaturalFit breast-like bottle, both momma & baby are comfortable!

Since these bottles mimic breastfeeding, the nipple is angled with a rounded base, which creates ideal positioning for an easy and natural latch. Plus, the nipples have dual anti-colic valves which help prevent air ingestion, gas and spit-up. All in all, these are the only bottles we’ve been using with Hendrix because they have made our lives so much easier this time around. & I also love that they will grow with him as well since they have different flow nipples (Slow, Medium, Adjustable, Fast and Y-Cut) as they get older.

If you’re a new mom or know of any expecting/new moms looking for great bottles, I highly recommend these! NaturalFit® bottles are available in three sizes for a suggested retail price of $8.99 each at Babies”R”Us, buybuy BABY, and other online retailers. They have made our lives so much easier!

*Special thanks to Chicco for sending us these NaturalFit bottles! While they sponsored this post, all of these opinions are 100% my own 🙂

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