Blue and White Striped Top / Instagram Stories

Blue and White Striped Top / Instagram Stories

Blue White Striped Button Up Kendra Scott Earrings DSTLD White Jeans Hobo The Original Crossbody Chloe Stud Booties Illesteva SunglassesBlue and White Striped Top: Madewell

White Jeans: c/o DSTLD

Tan Booties: Chloe

Foldover Crossbody: c/o Hobo The Original

Necklace: c/o Ann Revere Jewelry

Star Earrings: c/o Kendra Scott

Sunglasses: c/o Illesteva

It has been a bit toasty during the day here in Los Angeles the past couple of weeks. To the point where I honestly don’t even want to get dressed because if I leave the apartment, I will start sweating profusely. BUT as evening hits, the temperature drops & it gets a bit chilly. I know, sounds crazy but that’s how the weather here in Southern California works.

While everyone is prepping for Fall, I am still soaking up as much of Summer as I can. This past Winter spent in NYC was SO cold & I want as much warm weather as I can handle before the temperatures drop again. So while I’m in long sleeves & jeans above, I’m channeling Summer vibes with white jeans & a lightweight top (so I don’t sweat too profusely :)). I love this blue and white striped top from Madewell because it can transition into Fall really easily. I’m also in love with these new sunglasses! I have a really small head & it’s hard for me to find sunglasses that fit me properly & don’t make my head look tiny. These ones are perfect though & I have been wearing them daily because I can’t get enough of them.

On a completely different note, how are you all feeling about the new ‘Instagram Stories’? Do you love them or hate them? I’m always curious how others feel when something new hits social media & so I figured I would share how I’m feeling about them!

First off, they’re really convenient for me because social media can soak up so much of my time & instead of having to switch back & forth between Snapchat & Instagram, I can just use one app.

One major complaint though! Instagram doesn’t have the pretty filters & that really puts a damper on my mood when I try to post a video & I realize that I haven’t put makeup on & I’m looking a hot mess!

Another thing, does anyone else feel completely overwhelmed by the amount of stories? I follow a lot of brands on Instagram & while I love their photos, watching all of their videos would take up my whole day, literally. I wish that you could ‘hide’ certain accounts & not have to scroll through them all, it just takes far too long.

I AM really happy to have a glimpse into everyone’s real life though. Instagram has become so curated lately that I feel like everyone’s life is picture perfect & it’s nice to see that there are actual humans behind these beautiful photos. I know Snapchat already gave that glimpse but I wasn’t following everyone I follow on Instagram over there & so there were some people that I only knew from photos.

The last thing that I’ll mention is the fact that with this new algorithm, I’m not seeing everyones photos & that drives me insane. I love that with the stories, I am at least seeing content from everyone that I want to follow!

So with all that said, I think I’m liking the stories so far. I would love to hear your guys input though & what you would want to see me posting more of on my stories.

Hope you all are having a great week so far!!

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