Favorite Places to Eat in West Village NYC

Favorite Places to Eat in West Village NYC

Places to eat in NycPhotos by: Craig Arend

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While we were living in NYC, I found a few spots to eat at in our neighborhood that I was absolutely obsessed with. I know, there are a million places to eat in NYC, but these places are by far my favorite places to eat in West Village (& all of NYC to be honest :))!


This place became a quick favorite for us! We walked past this cute restaurant practically everyday on the way to Kannon’s favorite park & finally stopped in one night. Let’s say that the instant we walked inside, we were obsessed. The decor & friendly staff made us feel right at home, while the food is to die for! Coming from the west coast, we were always searching for food that made us feel at home & this southern cooking did the trick. The nachos and the S & H Green Stamps burger (with a homemade veggie patty for all of you vegetarians) were our go-to choices for lunch or dinner while the biscuits, Banana Pecan Pancakes & Cowgirl Crazy Mix-Up were our favorites for brunch. Honestly, I crave this place on the regular & wish we had one here in LA!


When we moved to NYC, we were warned that there weren’t any good Mexican restaurants. I think everyone who warned us clearly hadn’t gone to Mole! Holy smokes I love this place so much! Just thinking about their freshly made guacamole is making me hungry. You can’t go wrong with this one if you’re craving Mexican food in the city!

–Van Leeuwen Ice Cream–

If you know me, you know that I love ice cream! We were introduced to Van Leeuwen by a NYC friend & frequented it far too often while living there. They have Vegan options that are beyond delicious, even non-vegans will love them! I know everyone raves about Big Gay Ice Cream (which is also delicious) but for some reason I just prefer Van Leeuwen. This is a must try for all of you ice cream lovers!

–Bleecker Street Pizza–

We have at tradition in our little family called ‘Pizza Night’ (original, right? :)) & there is even a little song that accompanies it (repeating ‘pizza night’ in a little song. Also very original, we know haha). But seriously, we take pizza night very seriously in our household & once a week, we splurge & order pizza. The grandma pizza from Bleecker Street Pizza is by far our favorite & a must try for all of you pizza lovers out there!

If you have tried any of these places (or are heading to NYC & planning to try them) let me know your thoughts! While these are my personal favorites, I would love to hear what your favorite places to eat in NYC are!

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