Goodbye Palm Trees, Hello NYC

Goodbye Palm Trees, Hello NYC

Palm Tree Shirt: H&M (in-store)

High Waisted Jeans: c/o Mott & Bow

Tan Suede Sneakers: Puma

Life has been insane lately! As you’re reading this, I’m probably on a flight to NYC! Prepping for NYFW is always a bit nuts, but since I’m bringing Hendrix along with me this time, it’s been even more crazy because of all the extras I need to pack. I know some people think us bloggers are crazy when we bring our babies/kids along to things like NYFW but I’m just not ready to be away from Hendrix yet. Let’s be honest, I still don’t like leaving Kannon & he’s 3 1/2 sooo.. Leaving my kids behind will probably only happen when it has to happen 🙂

I am so incredibly excited to be heading to NYFW again & this time I’m headed there with an amazing brand! I can’t wait to share behind the scenes photos & videos so make sure you’re following along on all social media (links are in my side bar or @blueeyedfinch across the board:))! My mom & sister are also coming with me so we will be having a fun little adventure aside from all of the fashion week madness. NYC, here we come!!!

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