The Perfect Suede Skirt

The Perfect Suede Skirt

Photo Credit: Juan Felipe Rangel

Suede SkirtPlaid Button Up  – Rose Gold Sunglasses – Chanel Bag – Bow Flats

I absolutely love purchasing pieces that you can wear a million different ways. Having pieces that you can mix & match in your wardrobe gives you so many more options & in turn, saves you a ton of money on purchases!

This plaid button up is definitely one of those pieces I know I’ll be wearing all season long. I love that I don’t own a plaid print quite like this one & the fact that it’s only $25! Also, I had been on the search for a suede skirt that wasn’t too short & I was oh so happy to find THE perfect suede skirt right before I left for NYFW. (Plus, this skirt is only $89 & is really great quality!) I paired these two basic pieces with these incredible bow flats that I found at Zara & they added such a fun element to the whole look. I’m all about throwing on unexpected pieces these days for a little pop!

Okay, story time real fast.. I’ve talked about how hard it is for me to find sunglasses before but if you’re new here, let me fill you in. I have a veryyy small head & finding sunglasses (or glasses in general) that doesn’t make my head look tiny is a hard task. That’s why I loved the idea of Ditto the instant I heard about it. You can basically rent the sunglasses you want on a subscription basis. Genius, I know! So these RayBans were the first pair I rented & took them to NYFW with me because I have been wanting them for ages. To be honest, I still might purchase them 😉

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