DIY Patch Denim Jacket

DIY Patch Denim Jacket

DIY Patch Denim JacketDIY Patch JacketStars Patch – Traveler Patch – Craving Wilderness Patch – Out to Live Patch – Denim Jacket

I’ve been seeing patches all over jackets (& clothes in general) these days! To be honest though, I haven’t found one that 100% suited my style. So, I decided to make one myself!

This DIY patch denim jacket was incredibly easy to make & I really love the way it turned out. Kannon even loved it so much that he wants to make one for himself! (I’ve been trying to do more activities & DIY’s with Kannon lately to keep him occupied since he’s not in school yet). We will probably use different patches for his jacket but there are SO many different patches you can find online & I’m sure you could find a ton in your local craft store as well.

The ones I used are iron on but if you found some that aren’t, it would be really easy to secure them by sewing them on yourself. I’m not a sewing genius by any means! I’ve taken a couple classes when I was younger but haven’t sewn in years. But you could hand stitch them on & I truly believe anyone can accomplish that 🙂

If you decide to make one yourself (or any patch DIY), I would love to see how it turns out!! This was a quick but fun project & it’s perfect for Fall.

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