Protecting Your Virtual Life // Sophos Home

Protecting Your Virtual Life // Sophos Home

Sophos Home Free Internet Protection SophosAnyone else a little bit freaked out by the Internet and computers these days? I know I can’t be the only one! Especially now that I’m a momma & Kannon is old enough to play around on the computer (ABC Mouse & PBS Kids), what’s lurking behind that screen kind of scares me. Maybe it’s also because running my business requires me to be on the computer quite often. Between emails, social media, & actual website content, I’m opening up our home to the possibility of malware or viruses. I’m not even fully aware of the damage hackers can do either, so that’s freaky enough!

Let’s be real, while we are all Internet obsessed, there are some pretty scary things (& people) out there that we don’t want coming into our home, even if it’s just virtually. As I’ve started becoming more aware and focused on ways to keep my little family safe from things like toxins in the home, radiation, and viruses, I’ve been browsing services to help.

When it comes to computers, Sophos Home is an incredible company making it really easy to protect your family through secure internet. Some other virus protectors can be a bit confusing and time-consuming, which I was not into, but Sophos breaks it down in a way that’s simple and quick. Plus, I honestly feel really safe with it & it’s FREE! Another bonus? They’re doing an incredible sweepstakes where you can win some awesome products! One grand prize winner will win a Macbook & two additional winners will receive Apple Watches!

It’s funny as a mom what stuff you start to worry about (everything, right?!), but it feels good to have peace of mind when it comes to the Internet since it’s such a part of our culture now. If you’re worried or unsure about what’s behind that screen, you can download Sophos right here.Now I’m not as stressed about Kannon being on the computer or spending so much time browsing the web for work. I hope it makes you feel safer too!

If you haven’t already, please watch the video above because it had both me & my husband laughing SO hard! One of the most genius things we’ve seen in a long time!

Thanks to Sophos for sponsoring this post. Because of you, this anxious momma gets through the day a little bit easier 😉

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