The Perfect Lace LBD / 3 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Relationship

The Perfect Lace LBD / 3 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Relationship

Fall is by far my favorite season. I can’t get enough of the pumpkins, cozy weather (although we have yet to get that here in LA!), & my all-time favorite is the change in my wardrobe. While I love a little black dress all year round, Fall brings out the best of the best!

Elie Tahari Lace DressElie Tahari DressThis lace Elie Tahari LBD that I picked up from Saks Fifth Avenue is one of my all-time favorite dresses. The lace detail along the neckline & down the sleeves is absolutely stunning, while the classic shape of the dress complements any body type. I have loved anything & everything by Elie Tahari for years & I love all of the stunning dresses created for Fall (this dress is beyond stunning & I’m dying to find a special occasion to wear it to!). To be honest, Elie Tahari is one of my favorite brands sold at Saks Fifth Avenue because I legitimately love every single piece. All of the lace details & stunning silhouettes this season are screaming my name! Every dress is perfect for date night, girls’ night out, or any special occasion. I’m sharing my favorite Elie Tahari dresses from Saks Fifth Avenue at the bottom of this post for you guys. Let me know which one is your favorite! I honestly can’t choose just one because they are all that amazing!

thebalm matte lipsPerfect LBDLace Shoulder DressI wore this stunning little black number for a date night out with my hubby this past weekend & while we were out, we started talking about our relationship & how we can continue to keep it healthy. I figured since I’m sharing more with you guys, that I would share 3 ways to maintain a healthy relationship (our version of course ;)).

Elie Tahari Lace1. Date

I know this sounds so cliché but I think this might be the most important way to maintain a healthy relationship. Dating shouldn’t stop just because you get married! It’s so important to take the time out of your busy schedules to get dressed up (this is where that stunning LBD comes in!) & go out with just the two of you. We have found that when we go awhile without a date, our relationship isn’t as on point. With two kids & busy schedules, it’s so easy to put off time for just the two of us. Honestly though, this is something that can’t be put off! & For those of you on a budget, you don’t have to plan an extravagant date night. Trust me, we rarely have those! We usually just get dressed up & go out to dinner OR put the kids down for bed & make a special dinner at home for just the two of us. There are so many easy ways to incorporate date night into your relationship that I truly don’t think there is any excuse for not having one.

2. Daily Reflection

Whether you’re religious or not, daily reflection with your spouse is SO important. We have made it a point to do daily scripture study together because when we’re growing closer to God, we’re growing closer together. We have built a Christ-centered marriage from day one & I know that that is the reason we have so much happiness in our lives. Whether you’re going through a hard time, stressed from work, or having the best day you could ever imagine, it’s so important to reflect on everything you’re thankful for. There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for guys! If you’re not religious, try meditating together. There is something so special about being in tune with your spiritual side, no matter what you practice spiritually!

3. Be Active

This might seem like a unique way to keep your relationship healthy… But I promise it helps! Back when we didn’t have kids, Adam & I used to work out together at least 3 times a week. It was perfect because we could work on maintaining a healthy body, while enjoying time together & maintaining a healthy relationship. We found activities that we both enjoyed, like hiking or even just playing toss with a baseball or football. Now that we have the boys, we usually have them tag along for these activities BUT that doesn’t stop us from getting out & finding ways to be active together. A healthy body makes a healthy mind & in my opinion, these two combined lead to a happier person!

Lace LBDThank you to Saks Fifth Avenue & ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. Per usual, all opinions are my own 🙂

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