3 Ways To Revamp Your Living Room Without Breaking The Bank

3 Ways To Revamp Your Living Room Without Breaking The Bank

Colorful Living Room Coffee Table Decor Decorating Apartment Framebridge Custom Frames Living Room Decor Living Room Inspo Colorful Living Room DecorOkay, I’m going to start this post off by saying that I am in no way, a home decor guru. In fact, home decor is something that I seriously struggle with because it just doesn’t come easily for me. I scroll through Pinterest & see all of these beautiful spaces & think, “I want our home to look like that!” But unfortunately, whenever I try to actually execute a redesign, it never turns out exactly how I would like it too OR I never actually finish the process.

When we moved back from NYC, I knew I wanted to revamp our space. I wanted more color & I wanted to make our home feel more comfortable & “homey” since we were having another baby. Also, Kannon had a hard time moving to NYC & he really missed our home here in LA, so I wanted our living space to feel even more “ours”.

While I didn’t want to repurchase everything new, I knew that I wanted to change the look/feel of our living room. While going through the process, I found some really easy ways to completely revamp your living room without spending a fortune & without the help of an interior decorator. SO per usual, I thought I would share the little things I did to completely revamp our living room 🙂

1.) Change up your decorative pillows

While my husband absolutely hates decorative pillows, they can change the whole look of your space. Our pillows are a mix from Target & Society6. Both places have a very reasonably priced selection & Society6 has SO many options. For me, the pillows complete our living room. The bright colors make me feel happy every time I walk into the room & I personally love having a lot of pillows around 🙂

2.) Purchase a rug

We have two dogs & for some reason, our male dog loves to pee on rugs.. He must think it’s grass or something! With that gross story aside, we got rid of our ruined rug ages ago & never purchased a new one with the fear that it would be ruined once again. (FYI, we have carpet in the rest of our apartment so the kids had a comfy place to play still :)) Well, when we moved to NYC, the one thing Kannon requested was a large rug for our wood floors. The second we rolled the rug out, our place felt like home! A large rug can add so much to a room, it’s almost unbelievable! So as soon as we got home, we ordered a massive rug to fill our living room & we all love it. The dogs are no longer allowed on the rug (which is more sanitary anyways, right?!) & we love to lay on the floor playing games or cars on the daily. Plus, both the rug we purchased in NYC & this rug were SO inexpensive from Amazon. If you’re in the market, check Amazon first!

3.) Add custom photo frames

There is nothing that makes a space feel more like “home” than photos of you & your loved ones. We had some of our favorite photos custom framed from Framebridge & when we received them in the mail, I might have shed a tear (& by might, I mean I 100% did, don’t judge me :)). These gold frames are the perfect accent for our room & the photo quality is incredible. I love nothing more than to look up at these shelves & see these beautiful photos of the people I love the most. Also, a custom frame would make THE perfect holiday gift for literally anyone! The process of making these was SO easy & Framebridge has a great feature where you can print cute square frames with Instagram photos as well! We bought a couple square frames for the boys room & we love them!

So, if you’re having trouble coming up with a great gift, have a photo custom framed. A beautiful framed photo is such a lovely gift! Plus, I have a special promo code where you all can save 15% off your first Framebridge purchase!! Just use code: BLUEEYEDFINCH15 — Make sure you don’t miss the holiday deadlines though! The deadline for mail in physical items is 12/4 & the deadline for print and frame orders is 12/18. Just in case you guys want to order for Christmas 🙂


While there are definitely a few things that I would like to change (new accent chairs eventually), we are loving our new living room. It feels so bright & comfortable for all of us! I would like to quickly add that we are well aware that our shelves are a bit too high haha. With two young kids, we were afraid to put them too low where they could possibly pull things off the shelves or climb & injure themselves. Sometimes you have to sacrifice some things for the kids, right?! 😉

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