Where We’re Headed To Next | Weekly Favorites

Where We’re Headed To Next | Weekly Favorites

I have missed my weekly favorites posts SO much it’s a little absurd. I don’t know why I find so much joy in sharing all of my favorite things with you guys but I just really love it!

I thought today was the perfect time to give a little life update & let you guys know what’s coming up as well. We are headed off to Hawaii next Sunday for a week & I’ve been looking forward to it for months. Kannon randomly has the week off from school & we found a killer deal on flights so we jumped at the opportunity. It’s funny too because we were in Hawaii the exact same time last year, only we’re headed to Oahu this time instead of Kauai. Which is very exciting because I grew up going to Oahu at least once a year but haven’t been back since I met Adam! So this will be Adam & the boys first experience on Oahu & I know they’re going to love it! I’m debating booking an adventure to swim with wild dolphins.. Trying to see how brave I am because I’m kind of terrified of the ocean but also am obsessed with dolphins.. Should I do it!? I swam with sharks once but that was in a cage so I feel like it’s very different! Let me know your thoughts in the comments cause I take your guys opinions very seriously when it comes to my decision making 🙂

With this upcoming trip, we will be in full prep mode this whole week. Hair cuts, packing & prepping all of my blog posts for the week that we’re gone. I’m trying to be very prepared for this trip because I’m usually so stressed the day before departure & always wish I had just one more day to finish everything. New year, new me, right? I’ll let you guys know how my organization works out this time around!

Now onto favorites.. & these are some GOOD ones because I haven’t done a favorites post in far too long. Hope you guys enjoy & make sure to comment below with something you’ve been loving recently!

Kristin Ess Texture Spray – I discovered this texture spray simply because it was the only dry texture spray I could find at Target but I am so happy that I purchased it because it has become a favorite & it’s much more affordable than the others I have used!

Love Beauty & Planet Dry Shampoo – I forgot dry shampoo on my last trip to Utah & so I purchased this on a whim. I love this stuff guys! The scent is very pleasant without being overpowering, it doesn’t leave a white residue (I tested it on my nieces brown hair) & it honestly makes your hair feel clean! Plus, the price makes it a definite winner in my book!

My Favorite Sweater – I have worn this sweater far more than I probably should. If you’ve seen me recently, you’ve probably seen me in this beauty. Seriously, it’s that good!

Faux Leather Moto Leggings – These are the best faux leather leggings I’ve ever worn! They suck everything in without them being uncomfortable whatsoever, the material is amazing. I can’t recommend these enough if you’re in the market for some new leggings!

BECCA Bronze, Blush & Highlight Palette – This is the perfect all in one palette! The quality of BECCA products is always incredible & I love that I can just toss this in my bag because it has all 3 products!

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  • Hawaii is on my bucket list, you’re so lucky you’ve gone more than once!! I would love to see a post about traveling with your kiddos – avoiding meltdowns, how to not overpack, necessities, etc. Also, YES to dolphins!!! My friend was just in Hawaii and went whale watching and the photos were incredible! Have a great trip!

    • Ah you must go someday! It’s somewhere I would suggest to anyone because you can find such great deals on flights! I have been very lucky to go so often though. My brother went to college there so we were lucky to go visit him 🙂 I’ll definitely be putting together a post about traveling with kids after this trip so stay tuned! xoxo

  • So jealous that you and your family are going to Hawaii. I will be stuck in Ohio with snow!! I love how you and your family do all of these fun adventures together and then share them with your followers. Absolutely yes to swimming with dolphins. I was able to be up close and touch the dolphins, but swimming with them in defiantly on the bucket list. Hope you have an amazing and safe trip!

    • Aw well stay warm in the snow! I’ll send warm vibes your way!! & I’m so glad you enjoy our adventure posts! We love sharing them with you guys!

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