Homeschool Daily Routine

Homeschool Daily Routine

With all of the madness going on in the world right now, I think we’re all looking for a little bit of info to get us through this time at home. I am not a homeschool expert by any means but we have homeschooled for 3 years now (technically online school for 2 of those years) & I figured I would give you a glimpse into our daily routine for any of you struggling with having the kids home all day because guys.. It is a HARD adjustment (especially when it wasn’t a voluntary decision for so many of you). Good news is that with a bit of structure, you will get into a routine & make it work!

homeschool routine

7am – Wake up & Eat breakfast

7:45am – Get ready for the day

Getting dressed & ready for the day is key for productivity! I know it might sound a bit odd since you’re not leaving your home but trust me, sitting around in pjs all day every day isn’t great for your mental health & productivity.

8am – Get wiggles out

Basically free play before getting school started so that the kids feel like they have a bit of creative play before having to sit down & focus.

8:30am – Begin school

Kannon does his schooling online through an online school so all of his curriculum is online or in resources given to us through his school/teacher. Hendrix is currently doing homeschool preschool so we come up with different learning activities for him on our own & use a variety of different resources (similar to what we used for Kannons homeschool preschool). Let me know if you’re interested in the resources & books/activities we use & I can put together a blog post on that for you ladies!

 9:30am – Take a break / Get our bodies moving

The key to doing homeschool or online school is to take breaks! Especially in the beginning & with younger children. When we first started homeschooling we took breaks every 15-20 minutes & we still take breaks between classes just to give their minds a minute to rest & reset. It might take longer to finish but I promise it will save you & them a lot of frustration 🙂

9:45am – School

11:45am – Eat Lunch

12:30pm – Finish school

Make sure to continue taking breaks whenever necessary. We don’t follow a hard & fast rule with these times because some days Kannon has live classes with his teacher or more of a work load but I wanted to give you a range of how long we do each thing for as an example.

2pm – Free play

The boys typically dive into their toys & run around like little maniacs haha but they play together really well (most of the time ;)) for an hour or so!

3pm – Arts & Crafts

3:30pm – Screen time

They typically sit down to watch tv or play on their tablets. These tablets are amazing & I don’t stress too much about the content on them. I was a bit iffy on if I would like them or not & I am beyond happy that we decided to purchase them over a year ago because the boys are obsessssed. I can’t recommend them enough!

4:30pm – Family Time

We play games together, watch a movie, run around, do puzzles, have nerf tournaments, etc.

5:30/6pm – Dinner prep / Dinner

7pm – Bedtime Routine

7:30pm – Bedtime

The boys are in bed & typically asleep by 7:30pm & then we get a few hours to hang out as just adults & regain our sanity from a busy day since we work from home most of the time & have kids at home all day 🙂

Let me know if you guys would like a post on our favorite resources for doing school at home with our 3 year old & 7 year old!

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