The Best Hair Products for Messy Curls

The Best Hair Products for Messy Curls

One of the most common questions I get asked since cutting my hair short is how I style my messy curls. I shared an entire tutorial on how I get my messy waves in this video where I go into detail, but I wanted to link all the tools and products I use down below for you as well. So, if you’re curious how I get those beachy, tousled curls, then here are my favorite hair products and tips for achieving that effortless look:


When it comes to curling irons, I absolutely love my T3 curling irons and think they’re totally worth the splurge. However, if you’re on a budget or just don’t care to invest in a more expensive hair tool, then this Conair curling iron is just as good and a fraction of the price. If you didn’t use a Conair curling iron back in the day, then you probably weren’t born in the ’90s – so if you know, you know! Even though I prefer an iron with a clamp, I wrap my hair around the barrel for a looser wave. So, you could totally use a wand like this instead if that’s easier for you. I like to alternate the direction that I curl each piece, but I always curl the pieces in front away from my face. Also, leave out the last inch or so of your hair when you’re curling it so you don’t get those baby doll curls!



I find that the fewer products I use, the longer I’m able to go between washes. So, on day one I just like to use a little dry shampoo like this one. I feel like it makes my hair feel clean but also gives it a bit more texture, especially if my hair is freshly washed. On day-old hair or when I want a messier look, I like to use a texturizing spray to give the hair more volume. This is my favorite texturizing spray, and here is a more affordable option that I love as well. If you have crazy baby hairs like I do, then I like to go in with this hair spray to hold them in place. Lastly, and probably my favorite step of all is finishing it off with an oil mist. I can’t live without this Kerastase Oil Spray because it gives your hair the perfect amount of shine and smells delightful – just be sure to only spray it on your ends!


What are some of your favorite hair products?

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