CBD Mojito Recipe

Easy CBD Mojito Recipe

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This CBD Mojito recipe is a favorite around our house! We make these non-alcoholic but you can easily add 1 ounce of white rum if you prefer a cocktail over a mocktail. The added CBD is a wonderful addition to this beverage as well as using the Poppi instead of club soda (you can read why I love CBD in this post HERE!) Our 8 year old loves these so much he requests them often (minus the CBD of course :)).

I personally love a mojito because it always seems to be a crowd pleaser. They’re incredibly versatile since you can add different fruit to switch the flavor up. They’re also incredibly refreshing and delicious!

Let me know if you’re a fan of mojitos in the comments below!

CBD Mojito Recipe


10 fresh mint leaves

1/2 lime cute into quarters

1 Poppi in Ginger Lime (OR 1 cup club soda + 2 Tbs sugar)

10 MG CBD (This mint flavor is my favorite! Use the code sheridan15 for 15% off!)

1/2 glass of ice cubes


1.) Add mint leaves & 2 quarters of a lime to empty drinking glass. Muddle together to release the lime juice.

2.) Add CBD & then add the ice & Poppi

3.) Stir ingredients together to mix, top with mint & ENJOY!


eat healthier

How To Eat Healthier

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I know, these photos are just cruel for all of us trying to eat healthy..

I promise that they will make sense if you keep reading!

how to get healthy

Let me start off by saying that despite the unhealthy photos you see of me on Instagram, I actually do eat quite healthy. Most of the photos of me eating unhealthy are when I am out & about for little adventures & having splurge days. On that note though, I honestly hate the term “splurge day” because it puts so much pressure on food for me. I can’t put myself into such a strict bubble, guys.

eat healthier

I have tried just about every diet out there & failed miserably on every single one of them. There is something about putting so much pressure/importance on food that makes me want to eat everything in sight. If you’re anything like me, you know how counterproductive it is to go on a “diet”. 

get healthy

After suffering with a weak immune system my whole life & having a major health scare almost 9 years ago, I decided it was time for me to change my life. I took a year long course to become a nutritional consultant & I started taking a more homeopathic approach to the way I was living. Once I learned more about health & wellness, I learned how important the food we consume is for our overall health. Now, let me preface by saying that I didn’t drop everything & become a vegan/only eat raw/never eat anything bad again (although those might have been great options, they just weren’t for me). It took a bit of time, but as I started learning more about healthy foods & changing my diet little by little, my entire body started to change! I wasn’t feeling so blah all the time, I wasn’t having stomach aches so often, my skin was glowing (not from pregnancy either!), & I wasn’t getting sick ALL THE TIME.

Want to know how I made these changes?

I started changing my diet slowly. I started replacing the processed foods I was eating with more whole foods. I started becoming more active & not doing crazy workouts as a quick fix. I simply started making small changes & that was the key for me to actually stick with it! In my opinion, this is the best way to create a healthy lifestyle. When you make these subtle changes, they slowly turn into bigger changes & before you know it, you’re baffled by how amazing you feel.

Before this post gets to be a novel, I just want to sum up how I eat for you all. I DON’T eat 100% clean, that is nearly impossible for me due to the fact that I love pizza far too much. I DO try to eat as many clean/healthy things as I can.

I would love to dive deeper into these kinds of posts so make sure to let me know in the comments if you enjoy these & if you would like more posts like this one! I would love some ideas for posts from you guys as well so chime in below 🙂


Eat in West Village

Favorite Places to Eat in West Village NYC

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Places to eat in NycPhotos by: Craig Arend

Blush Lace Mini Dress (worn as a top)Frayed Hem Jeans (similar)

While we were living in NYC, I found a few spots to eat at in our neighborhood that I was absolutely obsessed with. I know, there are a million places to eat in NYC, but these places are by far my favorite places to eat in West Village (& all of NYC to be honest :))!


This place became a quick favorite for us! We walked past this cute restaurant practically everyday on the way to Kannon’s favorite park & finally stopped in one night. Let’s say that the instant we walked inside, we were obsessed. The decor & friendly staff made us feel right at home, while the food is to die for! Coming from the west coast, we were always searching for food that made us feel at home & this southern cooking did the trick. The nachos and the S & H Green Stamps burger (with a homemade veggie patty for all of you vegetarians) were our go-to choices for lunch or dinner while the biscuits, Banana Pecan Pancakes & Cowgirl Crazy Mix-Up were our favorites for brunch. Honestly, I crave this place on the regular & wish we had one here in LA!


When we moved to NYC, we were warned that there weren’t any good Mexican restaurants. I think everyone who warned us clearly hadn’t gone to Mole! Holy smokes I love this place so much! Just thinking about their freshly made guacamole is making me hungry. You can’t go wrong with this one if you’re craving Mexican food in the city!

–Van Leeuwen Ice Cream–

If you know me, you know that I love ice cream! We were introduced to Van Leeuwen by a NYC friend & frequented it far too often while living there. They have Vegan options that are beyond delicious, even non-vegans will love them! I know everyone raves about Big Gay Ice Cream (which is also delicious) but for some reason I just prefer Van Leeuwen. This is a must try for all of you ice cream lovers!

–Bleecker Street Pizza–

We have at tradition in our little family called ‘Pizza Night’ (original, right? :)) & there is even a little song that accompanies it (repeating ‘pizza night’ in a little song. Also very original, we know haha). But seriously, we take pizza night very seriously in our household & once a week, we splurge & order pizza. The grandma pizza from Bleecker Street Pizza is by far our favorite & a must try for all of you pizza lovers out there!

If you have tried any of these places (or are heading to NYC & planning to try them) let me know your thoughts! While these are my personal favorites, I would love to hear what your favorite places to eat in NYC are!

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

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These are hands down the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever made//eaten!!! Yeah, I know that’s a big claim but I am dead serious. We had a friend over on Sunday who was craving some cookie dough so I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies. I found this recipe & saw it had a secret ingredient that supposedly made the cookies super chewy & delicious. Who doesn’t like super chewy cookies? Well, let me tell you, they are the softest//most chewy cookies I have ever eaten. In fact, they were so good that I made them again last night! (In case you didn’t know, I usually don’t do that.) So, are you curious what that secret ingredient is? I thought you might be 🙂 It’s just instant vanilla pudding!! So simple right? Whoever thought of that was a genius. A literal genius. Thanks to these cookies, I realized how much I miss baking & so don’t be surprised if you start seeing a few more recipes on here. I promise I will only post them if they are as amazing as these chocolate chip cookies though. Pinky promise 🙂

(This is by far my favorite food blog. She is a literal genius. Every recipe she makes is incredible!)
1 stick (1/2 cup) unsalted butter, softened1/2 cup granulated sugar

1/2 cup packed light brown sugar

1 large egg (I replaced with 1 T. flax seed & 3 T water so we could eat the cookie dough :))

1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

1 1/2 cups flour

3 tablespoons instant vanilla pudding mix

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

1 1/2 – 2 cups chocolate chips (or white chocolate chips)


1.) Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. and line a large baking sheet with a silpat liner or parchment paper.

2.) In a large mixing bowl cream your butter and
sugars until well combined. Add your egg and vanilla mixing to combine.
Add your flour, pudding mix, baking soda and salt, stirring to combine.
Add chips and m and m’s stirring to combine.
3.) With a medium cookie scoop, place dough 1 inch
apart from each other. Bake for 10-12 minutes until cooked through. Let
cool on cookie sheet for 10 minutes before transferring to cooling rack.
4.) Enjoy!
 Yields: about 2 dozen cookies
Pre Post Workout Snacks Meals

Pre / Post Workout Meals

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Who’s ready for Summer!? I’m back on the grind & trying to get back into shape so I thought it would be fun to share what I’m doing in a little video series. If you’re looking to get back in shape (or even just maintain) let’s do it together!! These options are perfect pre or post workout meals & are super healthy. Plus, they’ll keep you full for a while which makes it easier to stay on track with a healthy diet. Stay tuned for more fitness videos coming soon & make sure & SUBSCRIBE to my channel to see more fun videos 🙂

*Straw-Bana Green Smoothie:
-Handful of spinach
-1/2 banana
-3-4 frozen strawberries
-1 scoop egg white protein
-3-4 ice cubes
-1 cup almond milk

*Egg White Fritatta:
-Egg whites
-Sprinkle of salt & pepper
-1/2 Tofurky Italian Sausage
-Handful (or 2) of spinach
-Sprinkle of cheese
*Spray pan with cooking spray & pour egg whites into pan. Sprinkle salt & pepper & then add Tofurky. Cover with lid & let the bottom get white. Add spinach & cover again until fully cooked. Sprinkle cheese on top & let melt. Enjoy!!

*Veggie Quinoa Bowl:
-1 cup washed quinoa
-2 cups water
-1 bag of frozen mixed veggies
-seasoning of your choice (I like this Outer Spice mix)
-1/4 cup slivered almonds
*Wash quinoa & then put into the rice cooker with the water. While quinoa is cooking, cook veggies with a bit of seasoning & olive oil. Mix quinoa, veggies & almonds in a bowl & season with a bit more seasoning to taste. Enjoy!

Morning Routine

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With a toddler in the house, my mornings start pretty early & it’s an instant start to the day. There isn’t any laying around, we get up & make breakfast so we can get a move on our day! 90% of the time we start our day with a green smoothie (it’s both mine & Kannon’s favorite). I was so happy when I was introduced to belVita Bites & the whole family is now obsessed with them. They come in both chocolate & mixed berry & both are so yummy. Kannon asks for his every morning because they are that delicious 🙂 Who doesn’t like eating something for breakfast that tastes delicious & is healthy & keeps you full for 4 hours? If you’re not into that, I’m not sure we can be friends! A healthy but filling breakfast gets the whole family out the door & headed to play at the park or run errands & stay full until we get home for lunch. Which is surprising because I usually have to snack every couple hours. Now if that’s not a #MorningWin I don’t know what is!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by belVita through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about belVita, all opinions are my own.

look up

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Being a blogger, I spend quite a bit of time on my laptop & phone.
Editing photos, researching, writing posts & responding to emails,
can mean spending hours a day just staring at a screen. Lately, I have
been trying to take breaks throughout my day & get outside for a
nice walk with my little one a few times a day. Sometimes, we forget to
put our phones away & get outside to experience the beautiful world
around us. That’s why I love that smartwater is doing the Instagram challenge “look up” (check it out #lookupsweepstakes). I am so lucky
to live in such a beautiful city & love the reminder to look up
& see the beauty that surrounds me daily! The other day, I looked up
& saw this.. 

Southern California is known for it’s Palm
trees & sometimes I forget how pretty they make Los Angeles. In a
city full of buildings & bustling streets, it’s nice to look up
& see these. The bright blue sky & Palm trees make me want to
embrace this warm weather & put together a fun Summer outfit. Since I
can’t get those beautiful palms out of my mind now, I decided to
embrace one of my favorite trends for this season & put together an
outfit incorporating the Palm tree pattern! Here are some of my favorite


 What inspiration did you guys find with the “look up challenge”? I’d love to know what inspires you guys since I’m always
telling you what inspires me 🙂 Make sure to follow @smartwater on Instagram & check out the hashtag #lookupsweepstakes to join the challenge & let
me know what you guys see!
 Disclosure: This post was sponsored by smartwater through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about smartwater, all opinions are my own.

Lands End

650 975 Sheridan Gregory
Jacket: c/o Lands’ EndTop: c/o Lands’ EndSports Bra: c/o Lands’ EndBottoms: c/o Lands’ EndShoes: Vibrams
If you follow along with my blog, you can clearly tell that I love clothes. I always have & I always will. That doesn’t exclude workout clothes either! I absolutely love finding cute & functional workout gear, especially at a great price point. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some LuLu Lemon but sometimes struggle spending that kind of money on clothes that I just sweat in haha. I was really excited when I received these clothes from Lands’ End because they are not only adorable but great quality as well. In my opinion, you can’t beat that!
On another note, I am always getting comments & emails about my workout routine. I did a post a long time ago but will do an updated one. What exactly would you all like me to include? Actual workout routines? Let me know! 🙂

Your New (Fitness) Best Friend

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I have been working out a ton lately.. I mean, swimsuit season is drawing near so it’s necessary, right!? Of course that’s not the only reason I’m working out. I feel so blah when I don’t workout. Like I have no motivation to do anything.. Am I the only one who feels like this!? If so, just ignore everything I just said haha. Anyways, moral of this story is that I found my new best friend (for working out that is :)). Check out this (very) short video below to find out what it is!!
(Viewer Discretion: I look//sound like a crazy person, bear with me ;))
Want more info on the Enso Roller? Check out EvoFit‘s website & find out more!

To Purchase the Enso Roller click HERE!

Chef Govind Armstrong’s Indi Chef Challenge

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How often does a celebrity chef offer up the opportunity to
cook with him, feature you & your dish on his restaurant menu, and present
with him at a high-profile culinary event? I’m thinking probably not that often! 🙂 Have I told you guys that I’m basically obsessed with cooking shows//contests? Well, it’s one of my guilty pleasures! My hubby & I can’t get enough of them & we are super excited to see who wins this!
Chef Govind Armstrong – who’s been featured on Oprah and
Iron Chef – wants to recognize and help aspiring cooks (or just passionate
ones!) in this very cool opportunity.  He
got his start as a young kid from Wolfgang Puck at just 13 years old (holy smokes, right!?. A
combination of passion, talent, and support from his mom, who’d drive him
around for his early culinary jobs, helped him get to where he is today. Now he
wants to help YOU!

He’s partnered with, a new talent discovery site,
to pay forward his good fortune and hard work, through this fun cooking challenge.
So if you love to cook, then record yourself making a dish that you think might
fit well on one of Chef Armstrong’s restaurants – Willie Jane, Post & Beam,
or 8 oz. Burger Bars (think: yummy soul food like his famous short rib grilled
cheese sandwich). Then send in your video to for a chance to win
a combined total of $1,000 in gift cards, some great notoriety, and work with Chef Armstrong
at one of his restaurants as a sous chef! 

Chef Armstrong’s Challenge is open for submissions from
March 14 – April 14, 2014.  Please check
out the details for this by clicking on this link (or visit So what are you guys waiting for!? Enter now!! & if you enter, send me a link to your video, I would LOVE to see them!! 🙂
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