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go-to summer outfit

Go-To Summer Outfit

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You guys know that my day to day outfit is usually jeans & a tee shirt, but if I could wear something else ever single day, it would be a jumpsuit. If you haven’t ever worn one, you are seriously missing out! They have become my go-to summer outfit! There is no need to stress about putting together different pices to create an outfit & unlike dresses, you don’t have to worry about any wardrobe mishaps because you have pants on. I will say though, that you using public restrooms in a jumpsuit can be a bit awkward considering you pretty much have to strip down naked haha BUT they are still so worth that tiny hassle 🙂

summer outfit ideas mom outfit ideas

I posted this red jumpsuit on my Instagram a few days ago & I received so many questions about it but sadly it’s sold out! So, I figured I should put together a post on some of the jumpsuits that I’m debating purchasing for this summer. Seriously, if you haven’t jumped on the jumpsuit bandwagon yet, take the plunge already!

how to wear a jumpsuit summer 2018 outfit

Now, please comment below with your favorite picks out of the selection below & help me decide which ones to purchase! Thank youuu!


Overalls Skirt OOTD

Overalls: Yes or No?!

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Sheridan Gregory Outfit of the day: ASOS denim overall dress in washed black, stripe crew neck t-shirt, ray ban aviator, asos darley clean lace up sneakers Sheridan Gregory Outfit of the day: ASOS denim overall dress in washed black, stripe crew neck t-shirt, ray ban aviator, asos darley clean lace up sneakers Sheridan Gregory Outfit of the day: ASOS denim overall dress in washed black, stripe crew neck t-shirt, ray ban aviator, asos darley clean lace up sneakers Sheridan Gregory Outfit of the day: ASOS denim overall dress in washed black, stripe crew neck t-shirt, ray ban aviator, asos darley clean lace up sneakers

Until this outfit, I hadn’t worn overalls since the 3rd grade. I’ll be honest with you guys, I was completely against the overall trend until recently. It’s not that I didn’t like them on other people, I just never thought that I would feel comfortable enough to wear them myself. BUT since my goal for this year was to let go of my fears & do things that put me out of my comfort zone, I decided to be brave & just buy the dang overalls! I know, a very small feat for my goal but it was a small victory for me. Go big or go home, right?

Black Overalls Skirt

ASOS Denim Overall Dress in Washed Black
ASOS Stripe Crew Neck T-Shirt
Ray-Ban Aviator
ASOS DARLEY Clean Lace Up Sneakers

Now that I own a pair & actually enjoy this little skirt overalls ensemble, I’ve been eyeing a few other pairs. I figured I would round up my favorites & get your opinion on them, so without further ado…

How do you guys feel about this trend? Is it something you would wear (or already wear) OR are you 100% against it & think that only children should wear them? Sound off in the comments below!


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My New Website!

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Hi guys!

I’m beyond ecstatic to introduce you all to! The idea of rebranding had been in my head for far too long & a few months ago, I finally decided to just go for it. When I originally started blogging, it was simply a way to show family & friends our life through photos & videos. Over the years, it slowly transitioned from a personal blog to a creative outlet & finally, into my career.

Around the time Hendrix was born, I felt this desperate need for a change (having a baby can do that to you :)). While I love sharing my outfits with you all, I had a strong desire to start sharing more. I wanted you all to get to know me as a person instead of just a face behind a fashion blog. I want to share all of the things I love with you guys.

Don’t worry though, I won’t ever stop posting my outfits. I love styling new looks & that’s such a massive part of my life & what got me to where I am today. I’m just saying that I want to share MORE with you all & not feel tied down to one thing. With blogging being such a new industry, it’s sometimes hard to get caught up in what everyone else is doing & trying to copy someone else because they’re “successful”. The honest truth is that we are all SO different & there is room for each & every person in this incredible online community.ASOS White Dress welcome sheridan gregory

I want to get to know all of you & have a creative space that we can all share & grow. I want us all to empower each other & feel comfortable & confident in our own bodies. We are all so wonderfully different & I just want all of us to embrace that! You all have been such a huge support system for me over the years & I really want to be that for you as well. I’ve made so many new friends through my blog & I would love nothing more than to get to know even more of you!

So with that said.. Welcome! I hope you enjoy the new site & explore a bit to see the new features 🙂

Removing Negativity Life

Removing Negativity From Your Life

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ASOS TurtleneckFall Womens Style Removing negativityAs I recently shared in this post, I’ve been aspiring to remove bad or negative things from our home and lives. I want to not only raise my boys in a safe home, but also show them how to focus on the positive. There’s of course a lot of negativity that simply comes with life, but removing some of it is luckily up to us. Here are ways I’ve been trying to get rid of toxicity in my life:


Leaving friendships or relationships can be hard — feelings are usually involved and it can even be awkward, but as I get older, I’ve realized the importance of positive relationships. I want to be surrounded by good people and ones that make me feel better about myself, not worse. I also want to show my boys what healthy, respectful friendships or relationships looks like. Dedicating my efforts to strong, happy relationships is important to me — and I’m so thankful for all the ones that I have!


I have a lot of learning to do here, but I do appreciate the awareness that companies like Honest and goop are bringing out. There’s a lot of scary stuff in the products we clean our houses with, our makeup, and even what we put on our kids’ skin. Like I said, I’m still figuring out where to draw the line of safety vs. convenience as a mom (it’s hard right?!), but this is definitely more on my radar lately.


This is tough because sometimes you need mindless reality TV, but I do try to limit it. A lot of the shows that I love (hello, Housewives & Kardashians) are full of negative vibes and hostile behavior, and I can’t help but notice that it’s not adding anything positive to my life. Of course I need it here and there, but I do take breaks from that type of TV if I’m feeling down or overwhelmed. I’ve been loving This Is Us though! Anyone else?

I’m excited to keep exploring toxic, negative things in my life and how to get rid of them. Do you ever feel weighed down by negativity? How are you removing negativity from your life?

Comment below with how you’re removing negativity!

Making Yourself A Priority

Making Yourself A Priority

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making mom priority ASOS Tan Cardigan Clad + Cloth DressTan SweaterLace Up Flats – Gold Watch – Sunglasses – Necklace

With the outpour of support from my post (thank you all!) about life’s changes and what I want to incorporate into this blog, I’d love to talk about making yourself a priority. As women, and especially moms, the to-do list that comes with life gets long, right? It’s in our DNA to take a lot on, sometimes too much. There’s not only society pressure, but the pressure we put on ourselves to keep our relationships going, look good, feel good, be a quality mom, sister, friend, partner, keep the house together, maintain a career, whatever. It’s a lot!

It can be easy to put others first and ourselves last, but at some point, it’s our duty to put the focus back on ourselves. It can seem like an oxymoron, but I think putting time into yourself ultimately makes us better for those we love. I also want to teach my boys that while women can handle a lot, we also deserve time for ourselves—just like everyone does!

You’ll probably have other things that refresh you and make you uniquely feel good, but here are some of my favorite ways to focus on myself.

Bath time

When my husband is kind enough to take the boys and let me have some mama time, I’ll take a bath, turn on “spa” music, put a face mask on, throw some epsom salt into the water, and either read or close my eyes. Something about sitting in warm water is so relaxing, and I come out 30 minutes later feeling like a new person. After the boys go to bed is a perfect time if my husband is busy.

Solo grocery shopping

It makes me laugh to think how happy this task makes me when I’m by myself since it’s so mundane, but browsing the farmer’s market or store alone is so blissful. I have time to look around and check labels, and I’m not moving as quickly as possible like I am when the boys are joining. Instacart (during nap time) is almost as nice for the days I don’t have time to get to the store.

Magazines and manicures

Ahhh, there’s not much better than going to the salon for a manicure and solid reading time. Not only am I getting pampered, but I’m catching up on mindless reading and just zoning out. Feels amazing!

Mom or not, I think it’s important for women to get their alone time and bring focus internally. Do you have a favorite way to pamper or prioritize yourself? I’d love to hear!

Eat in West Village

Favorite Places to Eat in West Village NYC

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Places to eat in NycPhotos by: Craig Arend

Blush Lace Mini Dress (worn as a top)Frayed Hem Jeans (similar)

While we were living in NYC, I found a few spots to eat at in our neighborhood that I was absolutely obsessed with. I know, there are a million places to eat in NYC, but these places are by far my favorite places to eat in West Village (& all of NYC to be honest :))!


This place became a quick favorite for us! We walked past this cute restaurant practically everyday on the way to Kannon’s favorite park & finally stopped in one night. Let’s say that the instant we walked inside, we were obsessed. The decor & friendly staff made us feel right at home, while the food is to die for! Coming from the west coast, we were always searching for food that made us feel at home & this southern cooking did the trick. The nachos and the S & H Green Stamps burger (with a homemade veggie patty for all of you vegetarians) were our go-to choices for lunch or dinner while the biscuits, Banana Pecan Pancakes & Cowgirl Crazy Mix-Up were our favorites for brunch. Honestly, I crave this place on the regular & wish we had one here in LA!


When we moved to NYC, we were warned that there weren’t any good Mexican restaurants. I think everyone who warned us clearly hadn’t gone to Mole! Holy smokes I love this place so much! Just thinking about their freshly made guacamole is making me hungry. You can’t go wrong with this one if you’re craving Mexican food in the city!

–Van Leeuwen Ice Cream–

If you know me, you know that I love ice cream! We were introduced to Van Leeuwen by a NYC friend & frequented it far too often while living there. They have Vegan options that are beyond delicious, even non-vegans will love them! I know everyone raves about Big Gay Ice Cream (which is also delicious) but for some reason I just prefer Van Leeuwen. This is a must try for all of you ice cream lovers!

–Bleecker Street Pizza–

We have at tradition in our little family called ‘Pizza Night’ (original, right? :)) & there is even a little song that accompanies it (repeating ‘pizza night’ in a little song. Also very original, we know haha). But seriously, we take pizza night very seriously in our household & once a week, we splurge & order pizza. The grandma pizza from Bleecker Street Pizza is by far our favorite & a must try for all of you pizza lovers out there!

If you have tried any of these places (or are heading to NYC & planning to try them) let me know your thoughts! While these are my personal favorites, I would love to hear what your favorite places to eat in NYC are!

ASOS Suede Skirt

The Perfect Suede Skirt

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Photo Credit: Juan Felipe Rangel

Suede SkirtPlaid Button Up  – Rose Gold Sunglasses – Chanel Bag – Bow Flats

I absolutely love purchasing pieces that you can wear a million different ways. Having pieces that you can mix & match in your wardrobe gives you so many more options & in turn, saves you a ton of money on purchases!

This plaid button up is definitely one of those pieces I know I’ll be wearing all season long. I love that I don’t own a plaid print quite like this one & the fact that it’s only $25! Also, I had been on the search for a suede skirt that wasn’t too short & I was oh so happy to find THE perfect suede skirt right before I left for NYFW. (Plus, this skirt is only $89 & is really great quality!) I paired these two basic pieces with these incredible bow flats that I found at Zara & they added such a fun element to the whole look. I’m all about throwing on unexpected pieces these days for a little pop!

Okay, story time real fast.. I’ve talked about how hard it is for me to find sunglasses before but if you’re new here, let me fill you in. I have a veryyy small head & finding sunglasses (or glasses in general) that doesn’t make my head look tiny is a hard task. That’s why I loved the idea of Ditto the instant I heard about it. You can basically rent the sunglasses you want on a subscription basis. Genius, I know! So these RayBans were the first pair I rented & took them to NYFW with me because I have been wanting them for ages. To be honest, I still might purchase them 😉

Black & White Jacquard Skirt

Black & White Jacquard Skirt / NYFW Day 1

683 1024 Sheridan Gregory

NYFW Street Style ASOS Bodysuit Vintage Chanel Fringe Heels ASOS Chevron SkirtBlack BodysuitMetallic Skirt – Fringe HeelsChanel BagGold Matchstick NecklaceGold CuffWhite Drop Earrings

I had the most incredible time running around NYC for Fashion Week! The first part of day 1 was spent attending the Project Runway finale with Mary Kay & it was one of the coolest shows I have ever attended. We were able to see all of the contestants final collections & they were all incredibly diverse & amazing. Oh & seeing Heidi Klum sitting across from me was so much fun, I had a little bit of a fangirl moment but shh.. Don’t tell anyone! 😉

Later that evening, I attended a stunning dinner on a rooftop with Sole Society & Arcona. I love spending my time at NYFW with brands that I truly love. The team behind these brands consist of some of my favorite people & I always have the best time with them!

This feminine look is one of my all time favorites. I love that this black & white jacquard skirt has a metallic detail that makes it a bit unexpected. I’m also crazy about bodysuits these days & this black one will be in rotation all season long. I decided to wear it backwards because I didn’t feel that the high neck suited me. So in other words, this bodysuit can be worn with a high neck or a swoop neck & is versatile! Plus, each piece (minus the Chanel bag) is under $100 & these heels are on sale for under $50 & come in nude as well!


Vince Camuto Dress

Date Night on Sunset Blvd

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Date Night Dress Vince Dress Modest Dress Los Angeles Street Style Street Style_EF_0083Dress (On Sale!): Nordstrom

Lace Up Heels: ASOS identical Here

Black Watch: c/o Arvo

Date nights are quite possibly my favorite. With 2 kids, it’s a little bit harder to go out on dates so when we have the opportunity, we definitely seize it. Living in Los Angeles makes date night even more fun because there are a plethora of restaurants to try & there are so many fun things to do. Not going to lie though, my favorite date is the typical dinner & a movie. You just can’t beat the classics, ya know? 🙂 If you’re ever in LA, I highly recommend trying out Stella Barra on Sunset Blvd for some delicious pizza! I can’t get enough pizza in my life & this place helps fulfill my cravings! Plus, it’s right by the Arclight, one of my favorite movie theaters in LA.

Now onto this incredible dress! I snagged this dress during the Nordstrom sale & I am so glad that I did because it is the perfect date night dress. Lucky for you guys though, it’s back on sale!! The pattern on this is like nothing I’ve ever seen before & the scuba material feels like a dream on your skin. I honestly want to wear this dress everyday & I think it will last for ages because the material is really high quality. If you’re in the market for a new dress for date night (or any special occasion), I suggest getting this one while it’s on sale. You won’t regret it!

What is your favorite date night!?

H&M Fall Collection

Mom Style

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Tee Shirt Dress Affordable Denim Jacket Affordable Fall Clothes Mom StyleDenim Jacket: c/o H&M

Black Tee Shirt Dress: H&M

Gold Matchstick Necklace: c/o Ann Revere Jewelry

Gold Watch: c/o Shore Projects

Hand Chain: Kendra Scott also love this one on sale! & this one on sale!

White Pearl Earrings: c/o Kendra Scott

Sunglasses: Illesteva

Lace Up Espadrilles: ASOS

Life has been non-stop lately & while I love that we’re busy, I also feel like I never have time to do my hair. Thank goodness that I love messy ponytails so much, right? 🙂

Seriously though.. Between soccer practice, karate, work, a new baby, trying to get back in shape, (the list could go on).. I have been feeling like a hot mess lately! I’m definitely not complaining because I love all of the things/people that are keeping me busy but I will say that my mom style has come out in full force lately. I love that “mom style” is a thing though because it makes me feel like it’s completely acceptable to wear basics all the time. I’m going to thank Instagram & Pinterest for that 🙂

I wore this casual look to Kannon’s soccer practice last week & it’s the perfect transitional outfit for Fall. This tee shirt dress is beyond comfortable & with this denim jacket layered over top, it’s perfect for when the weather cools down at night. I jazzed up (yes, apparently I’m 80 years old with phrases like this) these basics with some of my favorite jewelry pieces. This gold necklace is perfect for layering or wearing on its own & a gold watch paired with a hand chain will forever be a favorite.

Since our days have been so busy, we’ve been spending our evenings relaxing & watching our favorite tv shows. We binge watched Stranger Things (like most people) & I’m literally obsessed & can’t even wait until season 2 comes out next year! When we want something light hearted/funny, we always turn to Friends, a classic that will never get old. Now, we’re catching up on Season 5 & 6 of Suits, which is another absolute favorite! If it doesn’t get renewed I’ll probably cry because it’s one of my all-time favorite shows. Just ask my husband, I’m a bit too emotionally invested haha. We’re going to need some new recommendations for when we’re caught up on Suits so..

What are your favorite tv shows!?

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