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vegas is not neverland

650 975 Sheridan Gregory
Shirt: c/o SignorelliJeans: ExpressShoes: c/o Bucco ShoesNecklace: c/o La SoulaGlasses: Asos – Earrings: c/o Harry Kotlar
We were in Vegas all last week while my hubby was doing press for his upcoming film The Janus Project at Cinema Con. I honestly just hung out with Kannon & my parents the whole time, which was awesome 🙂 If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you already know that I’m basically obsessed with spending time with my family haha. These photos were taken on our last day in Vegas (which was the only time Kannon & I actually went out on the strip, I usually avoid it haha). We ate a delicious meal at Serendipity, did some window shopping & then watched the fountains at the Bellagio. The fountains were hands down Kannon’s favorite part of the trip. Maybe even topped all of the treats grandma & grandpa gave him 🙂 Anyways, hope you guys enjoy!!

my little love

650 975 Sheridan Gregory
Plaid Shirt: Zara – Superman Shirt: Zara – Leggings: LoolaShoes: Tom’s – Beanie: N8
Okay, I literally couldn’t help myself.. I just had to do a separate post with these photos of Kannon! He has gotten soo big & I just can’t believe it! When did he turn into a little boy? It’s blowing my mind how fast time is going by! Can we just move in slow motion for a little bit? Perfect! This is the first time Kannon has ever kept anything on his head for longer than 15 seconds. Maybe he is learning that we put beanies on him to keep him warm? Or maybe he just really likes these N8 beanies? 😉 I’ll let you guys decide!! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway to win this beanie & a sweater from N8 HERE!


650 433 Sheridan Gregory

Sweaters: c/o N8Jeans: ExpressBeanies: c/o N8 Shoes: c/o Bucco Capensis

Ah I’m so sorry for the lack of posts! Our internet has been down & my blog has been doing some funky things BUT I think it is fixed now! (Let me know if it isn’t though haha) We did this photo shoot for N8 a couple weeks ago (those of you who follow me on instagram saw the cute photo of Kannon in his N8 beanie :)) This might be my favorite sweater from N8 so far (I obviously love all of them because I wear them all the time) but there is just something about this one! Adam & I both wear ours all the time & yes, some days we are matching… Get over it! 😉 I’m probably going to have to do a separate post of photos of Kannon from this shoot because he literally stole the show. Yes, I’m his mom but he just looked so dang cute I couldn’t stand it!!

As you may know by now, I didn’t win the trip to Paris Fashion Week (they picked the girl from the UK).. But I am so incredibly grateful for all of you who voted for me! I know I was soo annoying about it (I was even annoyed of myself haha). I promised you guys that I would do something fun for you when it was all over sooo.. I’ve teamed up with N8 to give away ONE lucky winner a NERD sweater & a N8 beanie! & guess what!? This is the first contest that I’m making international!!! So EVERYONE enter below to win! You’ll absolutely love the sweater & beanie, promise!!

sparkles & a giveaway

650 975 Sheridan Gregory

Dress: NordstromSweater: NordstromTights: NordstromShoes: c/o Bucco ShoesBracelet: J.CrewNecklace: c/o Urban Peach Boutique 

Sometimes, you just want to wear a gold sparkly dress. Sometimes, you want to put a casual//different spin on the way you would normally wear that dress. This, was one of those occasions & I’m actually loving the fun feel to this look. It’s very girly with the sparkles & yet a bit sporty at the same time. Take off the sweater & change the shoes & it’s the perfect outfit to go from day to night! On another note, this necklace I’m wearing? Yeah, I know, it’s absolutely fabulous. Want to know what else is fabulous? Urban Peach Boutique is giving one lucky winner this exact same necklace!! I know, they’re the sweetest! Just enter below & this beauty could soon be yours! 🙂 
Giveaway is open for US & Canada only.

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