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Must Have Cozy Winter Essentials

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With it officially being winter, I’ve started breaking out all of my must have cozy winter essentials & I wanted to share all of my favorites (along with a few amazing things on my wish list) with you guys! While the temperatures never drop very low here in Southern California, the darker days & cooler weather always make me crave everything cozy, from blankets & sweaters to fuzzy boots & beanies. I think you guys will love all of these & some of them are on sale!

Kauai Outfit Roundup

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Since I get asked so often where I get certain pieces of clothing, I figured it would be easier for everyone to just put together a full post for my Kauai outfit roundup. All of the pieces I wore are linked below 🙂

kauai outfit

I am completely obsessed with this bikini! The floral print mixed with the ruffle straps makes me feel so feminine & I just absolutely love it. I also have the one shoulder top & love that version as well! Would it be too much to get the one piece version as well!? Probably, but it’s the cutest print!

I wear these denim shorts far too often but they are the best jean shorts I have ever found. They are a bit high waist so they cover up that part of my stomach I’m still a little self conscious of (hello, stretch marks!) & they’re not too short that I feel uncomfortable wearing them. Yes, they’re obviously short shorts, just not too cheeky, if you know what I mean 🙂

urban outfitters jumpsuit

I have an obsession with jumpsuits lately & I love that this one is under $80 & comes in 3 colors!

lspace one piece
Ever since having 2 kids, one piece swimsuits & high waist denim shorts have become my best friends. It’s not that I’m ashamed of my body, it’s just what I feel comfortable in! This striped one piece is my current favorite. I love the thick straps & this is the perfect suit to play around with my boys & not have to worry about anything slipping out. If you’re a mom, you know that is a major plus!

forever 21 overall shorts

While I always feel like I’m back in the 5th grade when I wear overalls, I secretly love them. I love the denim shorts take on the classics & these were a total steal!

This is another bikini that I’m loving! I love the off the shoulder top & love that this one has the wrap around detail. Yes, I say love too much but hey, it is what it is!


urban outfitters white jumpsuit

This jumpsuit was one of those purchases where I thought, “this looks cute online but will probably look so awkward on me”. But when I first tried it on, I knew I wanted to bring it to Hawaii! Such a different piece for me but like I said above, I’m loving jumpsuits lately.

asos gingham dress
I feel like this dress speaks for itself. The classic print in a feminine color, the bold sleeves, & the slight ruffle at the hem sold me on this one!

holiday party outfit

Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

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I think we can all agree that this time of year is BUSY.


holiday party hair christmas party outfit

So much so that most days I feel like I’m running around all day long & still haven’t finished my to-do list! Between Christmas shopping and get togethers with friends & family, who has time to think about their wardrobe? Not going to lie, most days I’m in jeans & a sweater or worse, workout clothes when I haven’t even had time to workout! Don’t even get me started on how fast this year has gone by because I could ramble your ear off for a good 20 minutes on that topic alone. But seriously, where has this year gone!?

holiday party jumpsuit holiday party outfit ideas

I figured since most of you are probably in the same boat as I am this holiday season that I would help out with some holiday party outfit ideas. Whether it’s a family gathering, gift exchange with your girlfriends or a work party, I think you will be able to find some inspiration from these holiday party outfit ideas. I can’t get enough of this blazer & need to find somewhere to where it ASAP! I received this stunning dress in the mail a week ago & I gasped when I pulled it out of the package because it’s that beautiful. I don’t think that you can go wrong with any of the pieces below though!
Which look is your favorite?


5 Areas To Organize for Instant Peace

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If you follow me on Instastories, you may have noticed me talking about getting organized lately. With the start of a new season, it just feels natural to declutter and reorganize our space. We were in full on declutter mode in January as well, and every time we do this, it amazes me at how much stuff accumulates. Basically, every corner of our apartment was filled up! The end result is beyond peaceful though. 

how to organize Top: Target x Who What Wear (sold out) – Necklace: c/o Morning Lavenderwho what wear target

Going through the entire home can be overwhelming, but I personally like to just get it done. Pick a weekend that you’re free, stay in your pajamas, blast the music, and get to work. Here are 5 areas to focus on:

1.) Closets – Obviously! Go through each item and decide if you want to keep it. If you haven’t fit into it (I’m totally guilty of this) or worn it in the last year, donate it. If it’s just a mess, toss it. Either way, pull out each item in your closet and reorganize it. Throw away broken hangers and make sure your shoes have a dedicated place to live.

2.) Dresser – Another obvious one, but totally necessary. Get rid of old or mismatched socks, underwear, and even bras that are worn out. I like to make note of what I need (so if I’m getting rid of my black bra, I know I need to order a new one). This is when I’ll donate old pajamas or workout gear and keep my list of what to buy as I can afford things.

3.) Pantry – This is always a bit depressing because you realize how much food has been wasted (hello old pasta!), but go through everything in your pantry and check dates. If something is expiring soon but you won’t use it, bring it to a food shelter and let them know the urgency. Don’t forget to check spices and replace what you’ve gotten rid of.

4.) Toy baskets – This is obviously only if you have little ones in your life, and if the kids are old enough, let them help you with this process. It might cause conflict and some tears, but teaching kids about donating and decluttering is important—at least I think so! I go through and clean up all the toys too; a little vinegar is a natural way to get rid of germs on legos, books, all the toys.

5.) Car – Oh my gosh, our cars get sooo messy, anyone else?! It’s such a forgotten space, but with 2 kids and 2 adults, our vehicles take a beating. Go through each corner and compartment and toss any trash, old napkins, etc. After doing this, I take the cars to get detailed, then I’ll add in a bag or bin to keep in the car for trash and random things we need to get rid of. I’ll usually keep a backpack full of emergency things: napkins, snacks, water, etc., too. There is just something magical about a totally clean, organized car—am I right?

Other areas you can organize: linen closets, bathroom + medicine cabinets (get rid of old meds), fridge (a good wipe down is usually needed), & under the bed. If dedicating a weekend is too much, commit to 30 minutes at the end of each day for a week, and you should make good progress.

I hope this helps your organization AND peace of mind 🙂


Eat in West Village

Favorite Places to Eat in West Village NYC

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Places to eat in NycPhotos by: Craig Arend

Blush Lace Mini Dress (worn as a top)Frayed Hem Jeans (similar)

While we were living in NYC, I found a few spots to eat at in our neighborhood that I was absolutely obsessed with. I know, there are a million places to eat in NYC, but these places are by far my favorite places to eat in West Village (& all of NYC to be honest :))!


This place became a quick favorite for us! We walked past this cute restaurant practically everyday on the way to Kannon’s favorite park & finally stopped in one night. Let’s say that the instant we walked inside, we were obsessed. The decor & friendly staff made us feel right at home, while the food is to die for! Coming from the west coast, we were always searching for food that made us feel at home & this southern cooking did the trick. The nachos and the S & H Green Stamps burger (with a homemade veggie patty for all of you vegetarians) were our go-to choices for lunch or dinner while the biscuits, Banana Pecan Pancakes & Cowgirl Crazy Mix-Up were our favorites for brunch. Honestly, I crave this place on the regular & wish we had one here in LA!


When we moved to NYC, we were warned that there weren’t any good Mexican restaurants. I think everyone who warned us clearly hadn’t gone to Mole! Holy smokes I love this place so much! Just thinking about their freshly made guacamole is making me hungry. You can’t go wrong with this one if you’re craving Mexican food in the city!

–Van Leeuwen Ice Cream–

If you know me, you know that I love ice cream! We were introduced to Van Leeuwen by a NYC friend & frequented it far too often while living there. They have Vegan options that are beyond delicious, even non-vegans will love them! I know everyone raves about Big Gay Ice Cream (which is also delicious) but for some reason I just prefer Van Leeuwen. This is a must try for all of you ice cream lovers!

–Bleecker Street Pizza–

We have at tradition in our little family called ‘Pizza Night’ (original, right? :)) & there is even a little song that accompanies it (repeating ‘pizza night’ in a little song. Also very original, we know haha). But seriously, we take pizza night very seriously in our household & once a week, we splurge & order pizza. The grandma pizza from Bleecker Street Pizza is by far our favorite & a must try for all of you pizza lovers out there!

If you have tried any of these places (or are heading to NYC & planning to try them) let me know your thoughts! While these are my personal favorites, I would love to hear what your favorite places to eat in NYC are!

Rebecca Minkoff Stud Bag

Floral Mini Dress

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Zappos Spring Pregnancy Style Rebecca Minkoff White Bag Maternity Style Free People Mini DressFloral Mini Dress: c/o ZapposWhite Stud Bag: c/o ZapposJeans: c/o Dittos – Tan Booties: c/o Sole Society – Gold Aviators: ASOS

The mini dress obsession continues.. While the weather has been warm here in NYC lately, it’s still way too cold for me to be sporting bare legs (plus, I could possibly blind you guys with how pale I am these days :)). I know, I’m a wimp when it comes to colder weather & talk about it far too frequently. When you’re born & raised in Arizona and then move to Southern California when you’re 17, that’s just expected. Back to this look though! I talked about it a couple posts ago but I’m loving mini dresses these days! When I saw this floral mini dress from Zappos, I knew it would be perfect for transitioning into Spring here in NYC. The long sleeves keep me warm enough on cool days & I love that it’s a bit longer in the back so if you’re not wearing pants, you don’t have to worry about anything showing. & on another note, I honestly can’t get enough of Zappos fast shipping & free returns. Especially with this growing baby bump of mine (I’m just about 29 weeks & this little boy is growing rapidly!). I never know what will fit these days & I love being able to order multiple sizes & just send back whichever size doesn’t fit. (PS. this dress fits true to size!) I am constantly scrolling through their app to see what’s new & I love that it’s so easy to transition from season to season because they carry so many different brands & styles. Major win, win in my opinion!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! Thanks for following along!

H&M Spring

Spring Collection

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HM Spring Collection Denim Jacket H&M Denim Jacket NYC Street Style H&M Tan Booties NYC Sweet Corner Bake Shop H&M DressDenim Jacket: H&MDress: H&MBrown Booties: H&M

From past (& very recent) posts, you can all probably tell how much I love H&M! It’s definitely one of my favorite go-to stores & I’m completely smitten with their new Spring Collection. This denim jacket is one of my favorite pieces because it’s so versatile & I know I’ll be wearing it all Spring/Summer. I love that I can throw it on with anything & it’s perfect for most any occasion.

We spent a day out and about here in NYC doing a few of our favorite things & this H&M jacket was the perfect extra layer to keep me warm & put together. We absolutely love to go walk along the Hudson River but it tends to be a bit windy along the water. There are so many things to do but you can usually find us playing at the park & watching all of the boats. (Basically a 3-year-old’s dream come true!) Next, we head to one of our favorite cafes for THE best blueberry muffin & snickerdoodle cookie. I’m not even kidding or exaggerating when I say they are the best, either! I’ve eaten a lot of baked goods in my life & I crave these things on the daily! If you’re in NYC, stop by the Sweet Corner Bake Shop & then head on over to Bleecker Street for some shopping. You’ll love the food, beverages & atmosphere!

This post was sponsored by H&M through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about H&M, all opinions are my own.



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Dainty Jewelry Anchor Necklace Rose Necklace Iconery Jewelry

Rose NecklaceRose StudsChevron RingAnchor NecklaceFeather NecklaceWishbone Necklace

By now, you can probably tell that my love for dainty jewelry runs deep. There is something so beautiful about a delicate piece of jewelry in my opinion & I can’t seem to steer away from them. When I first discovered Iconery, I was beyond excited because they carry the most beautiful jewelry from so many different jewelry designers. While I had heard of a few of the brands, I was introduced to so many new designers & couldn’t stop scrolling through their site. The pieces above are just a few of my absolute favorites! The rose necklace & earrings are so feminine, I couldn’t resist them. Oh & this diamond chevron ring? It is literally stunning! The perfect piece to add to your ring collection. With Mother’s Day coming up, this is the perfect one stop shop for your momma (or wife ;))! Do you guys share my obsession with dainty, feminine pieces?

Blue Sweater Dress

Blue Sweater Dress

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ASOS Sweater Dress NYC Street Syle ASOS Dress J.Crew Hat Over The Knee Boots

Blue Sweater Dress (Only $28!): ASOSBlack Hat: J.Crew similar HereNecklace: c/o Capwell + CoOver The Knee Boots: ASOS

I love a good sweater dress. There is something so comfy & cozy about a sweater that doubles as a dress. It’s definitely one of those pieces that you can take from Winter to Spring by just changing accessories. I loved the shade of this blue sweater dress the second I saw it. It’s a fun & bright color without being too in your face. Not that I have anything against bright colors, I just tend to shy away from them (you all know I would live in all black everyday if I could!) I truly believe this shade of blue is perfect with Spring right around the corner! Plus, it’s been so warm this past week that I ditched my jackets & basked in the sun. Crossing my fingers that the weather stays warm! (Even though it’s currently raining.. At least it’s still warmer weather! ;))

JASON Basics

Everyday Basics

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Everyday Basics Night Cream Makeup WipesJĀSÖN Gentle Basics – White SneakersDistressed Jeans

There are just some things that I can’t seem to survive without. Sure, I might be acting a bit dramatic with that statement, but I think we can all agree that there are those everyday basics that become life necessities. Those classic products/things that you find yourself turning to day after day & week after week. Those products that keep your life a little bit more consistent. Moral of the story, I have found some things lately that I honestly have been using/wearing daily & I thought I would share those everyday basics with you guys!

 First up are these JĀSÖN products. If you’ve been following along for a while now, you know that I have really sensitive skin. While finding products that suit my skin can be a bit difficult, when I do find products that work, I always feel the need to share them with the world. I love this Gentle Basics line because it’s not harsh on my skin, it’s free of all of those nasty chemicals/ingredients, it’s hypoallergenic (yay for all of us who have sensitive skin!) & it honestly gets the job done! These facial towelettes are my new favorite way to remove my makeup pre facial cleanser because they don’t leave my skin feeling dry. There is nothing worse than wiping off your makeup & feeling like you just scrubbed your face for 20 minutes. Another can’t live without is the night cream. This NYC weather has left my skin incredibly dry & that is not a good look for anyone. This cream is ultra hydrating & I love that you can put it on at night & wake up with hydrated skin by morning. Perfect for those of us who love that dewy skin look all year round! Also, you can’t beat how affordable these products are. There is nothing I love more than finding products that work really well & don’t break the bank!

Okay, on to a couple of my current everyday fashion basics! These white sneakers were a major find & I know you guys have seen them before but they are literally on constant repeat. Since being pregnant, I have basically banned heels from my wardrobe & these are the perfect everyday shoe. I love the little snake print detail on the heel! Another favorite? These distressed maternity jeans! They’re the perfect maternity jeans & they’re literally the only pair of jeans I’ve been wearing lately. You know you’ve found some good pieces when you find yourself wearing them daily!

Now I’m curious, what are your everyday basics? I would love to know what you guys are loving at the moment!

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