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Be Ocean Minded

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This past week I went to a fun event on the beach with my sister. We had a great yoga class on the sand & then picked up trash around the beach (we ended up picking up 95 lbs of trash!!!). I know that may not seem very fun but it was such an awesome experience. It is disgusting how much trash ends up on the beach & then goes into our oceans. It honestly is disgusting & makes me want to help clean up our beaches more often! All of those videos of cute ocean animals wrapped in trash are real! Let’s do our part & help keep our beaches & oceans clean by not littering & maybe even cleaning up trash when we see it on the streets (or beaches). A big thank you to Ocean Minded for putting it on, LuLu Lemon for the yoga & Nekter for the delicious juice!

Lands End

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Jacket: c/o Lands’ EndTop: c/o Lands’ EndSports Bra: c/o Lands’ EndBottoms: c/o Lands’ EndShoes: Vibrams
If you follow along with my blog, you can clearly tell that I love clothes. I always have & I always will. That doesn’t exclude workout clothes either! I absolutely love finding cute & functional workout gear, especially at a great price point. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some LuLu Lemon but sometimes struggle spending that kind of money on clothes that I just sweat in haha. I was really excited when I received these clothes from Lands’ End because they are not only adorable but great quality as well. In my opinion, you can’t beat that!
On another note, I am always getting comments & emails about my workout routine. I did a post a long time ago but will do an updated one. What exactly would you all like me to include? Actual workout routines? Let me know! 🙂

Your New (Fitness) Best Friend

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I have been working out a ton lately.. I mean, swimsuit season is drawing near so it’s necessary, right!? Of course that’s not the only reason I’m working out. I feel so blah when I don’t workout. Like I have no motivation to do anything.. Am I the only one who feels like this!? If so, just ignore everything I just said haha. Anyways, moral of this story is that I found my new best friend (for working out that is :)). Check out this (very) short video below to find out what it is!!
(Viewer Discretion: I look//sound like a crazy person, bear with me ;))
Want more info on the Enso Roller? Check out EvoFit‘s website & find out more!

To Purchase the Enso Roller click HERE!

Kinetic Cycling

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When Kinetic Cycling asked me to come try out a class, I was beyond excited! I used to looove cycling before I got pregnant (did it 3 times a week) but since getting pregnant & having Kannon, I have only done it once. Crazy, I know! Anyways, me & my sister went this week & WE ARE OBSESSED!!! That’s not an exaggeration either, we loved everything about it. John (the owner & one of the teachers), Tom (who taught our class), & everyone else there was beyond nice & made us feel so comfortable. The atmosphere was incredible (Cool lighting, a big screen television & great music playing on it throughout the class) & they have the best bikes! Moral of the story, we found our new favorite cycling place & will be returning very often. So if you are in LA (Brentwood), GO CHECK OUT KINETIC!! Promise you will love it & get one of the best workouts of your life! Here are some fun (iPhone) photos! 🙂
 I’m going to have to go against what my shirt says & say I’m a wonderful influence though 😉
 We may be dripping sweat… But we did it!!! 🙂

The Best Homemade Wellness Shot

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With my whole family sick, I’ve been trying every possible way to stay healthy. I still haven’t gotten whatever flu//cold bug they have & I’m crossing my fingers so I don’t! I whipped up a batch of my homemade wellness shot recipe for everyone (not Kannon, he just got a green smoothie :)) & the flavor is strong but man are these little things powerful! I highly recommend making these if you are sick or even if you feel like you are going to get sick.
Wellness Shot Recipe
3 stalks of celery
1/2 of a cucumber
Pinch of cilantro
1 lemon peeled but keep the pith(white stuff)
1 granny smith apple
2 inch piece of ginger root
Dash of cayenne pepper on top
*Buy organic produce if at all possible! Juice in a juicer & voila! You have a super healthy wellness shot that is sure to kick any cold//flu bug!!
Here are the benefits of all of the ingredients…
*Lemon– Combats infections & has antibacterial properties. It really helps if you have a sore throat!
*Green Apple– Helps to boost your immune system. An apple a day really does keep the doctor away! 😉
*Celery– Helps fight bacteria, viruses & inflammation. Also helps stimulate the immune system, which means it’s going to help your body fight off that nasty cold//flu!
*Ginger Root– Believed to help treat headaches & other cold//flu-like symptoms. Winning!
*Cucumber– An excellent source of vitamin C & A (anti-oxidants). Made up of about 96% water so it”s a great way to keep you hydrated while sick.
 *Cilantro– Also a great anti-oxidant & also has anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties. My hubby loooves cilantro 🙂

You can also add a dash of Cayenne Pepper for its anti-flu & cold properties. I’m kind of allergic to it so I avoid it when possible!

Hope this helps you guys fight those nasty bugs going around! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or email me! & also, keep letting me know what posts you want to see! I love hearing from you guys!

healthy road trip snacks

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I absolutely love road trips! I love to just drive & explore new places along the way. My one problem with road trips? It’s so hard to eat healthy while in the car! Sure we stop at Chipotle & Subway and those are some healthy food options but they can get old really fast. Today, I am showing you some of my favorite road trip snacks! I also like to snack on some veggies & green juice but I didn’t have a cooler this trip so I had to live with snacks that didn’t need to be refrigerated 🙂 What are your favorite healthy road trip snacks?? Let me know! I’m always looking for new ideas!
1.) Fruit: I know that too much fruit isn’t good for you but I would much prefer to have the natural sugars instead of the processed junk.
2.) Kind Bars & Kashi Bars: These are my absolute favorite bars! I used to avoid bars because most of them are high in sugar & have a lot of unnecessary ingredients. These ones have a shorter list of ingredients then most. If you want even more natural ingredients, try LaraBars, they only have 3-4 ingredients in each bar! They are a little bit higher in fat though due to the nuts.
3.) Nuts: Whenever I’m looking for a snack, I eat a handful of nuts (6-10) & then drink a glass of water. Nuts are high in protein (obviously! :)) so they keep you full longer. Don’t eat too many though because even though they are good fats, they are still full of fat & you don’t want too much of that!
4.) Popcorn Chips: I know that these technically aren’t ‘healthy’ but they are much healthier than regular chips & sometimes you just need a little crunchy snack to get you through the trip! I also love the little rice cakes. Go for the flavored ones, the plain are nasty!
5.) Dried Edamame: These are another great crunchy snack! They are a good source of protein as well so they will keep you full.
FYI Make sure you look at the labels so you can do portion control!!!
Look at the serving size & how many calories so you don’t eat more than you think you are 🙂
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