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Kohl's Back to School

Back to School Under $50

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How is it already time for kids to be going back to school?! I swear it was just June & now it’s already the middle of August. Time goes by far too quickly these days!

back to school boys

While we’ve been doing school activities with Kannon for the past year, this year he officially starts preschool! How is my little babe so grown up? (Apparently, I’m freaking out about how quickly time is flying by haha!) In all seriousness though, it’s crazy to me that he’ll be starting kindergarten next year. If you’re a parent, you know the saying about how the days are long but the years are short. It’s SO true!

Enough about time though, let’s get into the best part about kids going back to school… The shopping! Kannon is at the age where he wants to pick out the clothes he wears (& I let him to an extent ;)). We did some shopping at Kohl’s again & he went through & picked out all of his favorite things. He has been obsessed with his “fast shoes” (black Nike’s) for over a year now but was so excited to get these black Vans & white Converse to switch things up. I love that Kohl’s has SO many different brands & options for our boys because I love that I can get everything from one store. Plus, I know that I’m getting high-quality products that my boys love, for an affordable price. It’s so nice to be able to find back to school outfits for under $50! Every outfit he’s wearing in these photos, he helped pick out & I love that he’s just as happy as I am about every piece. As you can tell, he’s got his Game Face on & he’s ready to face anything that comes his way! #GameOn

For all of you parents doing back to school shopping for your kiddos, Kohl’s is having a 20% off sitewide Friends & Family sale with the code FF20OFF 8/17-8/20 so don’t miss out on that one 🙂 (Exclusions: Gift Cards Kohl’s Cares® cause merchandise or other charitable items prestige brands of cosmetics, skincare and select brands of fragrance select electrics premium electronics and warranty products consumables premium sunglasses sporting goods sports team merchandise select online-exclusives American Girl Columbia Converse Dyson Koolaburra by UGG Levi’s Nike and Under Armour)

Thank you to Kohl’s & ShopStyle for sponsoring this post!

Seedling Kids Crafts Sale

Our Favorite Kids Crafts

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Seedling Kids Crafts Kids Crafts Kids Christmas Gift Ideas Cotton On Kids

Kannon is obsessed with doing crafts. He has such a creative little mind already & I absolutely love it. Our all-time favorite crafts are from Seedling & when I found out that they were having a major sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I knew I had to put a quick post up! You can get up to 65% off of their sets at the moment so if you’re in the need for gifts, head on over & snag them before the sale ends!

We took these photos a while back when Kannon put together his Pete’s Dragon kit 🙂

Internet Protection for kids

Protecting Your Virtual Life // Sophos Home

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Sophos Home Free Internet Protection SophosAnyone else a little bit freaked out by the Internet and computers these days? I know I can’t be the only one! Especially now that I’m a momma & Kannon is old enough to play around on the computer (ABC Mouse & PBS Kids), what’s lurking behind that screen kind of scares me. Maybe it’s also because running my business requires me to be on the computer quite often. Between emails, social media, & actual website content, I’m opening up our home to the possibility of malware or viruses. I’m not even fully aware of the damage hackers can do either, so that’s freaky enough!

Let’s be real, while we are all Internet obsessed, there are some pretty scary things (& people) out there that we don’t want coming into our home, even if it’s just virtually. As I’ve started becoming more aware and focused on ways to keep my little family safe from things like toxins in the home, radiation, and viruses, I’ve been browsing services to help.

When it comes to computers, Sophos Home is an incredible company making it really easy to protect your family through secure internet. Some other virus protectors can be a bit confusing and time-consuming, which I was not into, but Sophos breaks it down in a way that’s simple and quick. Plus, I honestly feel really safe with it & it’s FREE! Another bonus? They’re doing an incredible sweepstakes where you can win some awesome products! One grand prize winner will win a Macbook & two additional winners will receive Apple Watches!

It’s funny as a mom what stuff you start to worry about (everything, right?!), but it feels good to have peace of mind when it comes to the Internet since it’s such a part of our culture now. If you’re worried or unsure about what’s behind that screen, you can download Sophos right here.Now I’m not as stressed about Kannon being on the computer or spending so much time browsing the web for work. I hope it makes you feel safer too!

If you haven’t already, please watch the video above because it had both me & my husband laughing SO hard! One of the most genius things we’ve seen in a long time!

Thanks to Sophos for sponsoring this post. Because of you, this anxious momma gets through the day a little bit easier 😉

Diaper Bag Essentials

Diaper Bag Essentials

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ALDI Baby Products ALDI Baby WipesALDI Little JourneyDisclosure: This post was sponsored by ALDI through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about The Little Journey product line, all opinions are my own.

When we had Kannon, I was 100% the over-prepared mom. My diaper bag was always filled with a million things & every time I needed something, I was forced to dig through everything to find whatever I was looking for. This time around with Hendrix, I was determined to be more organized! While there are still quite a few things that are absolutely necessary, I’ve finally narrowed down my diaper bag essentials to a manageable list.

1.) Diapers & Baby Wipes

These are by far the two most essential things you need in your diaper bag! If you don’t have these two essentials, do you really have a diaper bag at all?! We were recently introduced to ALDI & love it! They recently launched their baby/toddler line ‘Little Journey & they have great quality (& affordable) wipes, diapers, baby food & snacks. If you have one near you, definitely check it out for great deals, because they are known for providing the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. Basically, you can get all of your baby essentials in one place without breaking the bank & sacrificing quality. Always a win-win in my book!

2.) Baby Bottle & Formula or Breastmilk

These are obviously essential to a baby’s health, especially if you’re not breastfeeding & need to have formula on hand at all times! Plus, if you’re in the market for a new formula, Little Journey makes one that is also available at ALDI!

3.) An Extra Outfit

Let’s be honest, accidents happen. Especially when it comes to babies! You’re always going to want to have an extra outfit on hand for those times & might even want to bring a gallon-size Ziploc to hold any wet/dirty clothes. And, since you probably don’t have any extra room in your diaper bag for yourself, I would highly suggest keeping an extra set of clothes in the car. Walking through the store covered in pee isn’t the greatest. 😉

4.) Hand Sanitizer

While I’m not normally a massive germ freak, when it comes to my kids, I like to be extra sanitary. You just never know what is on that stair railing or what your toddler could have possibly touched while out & about exploring.

5.) An Extra Pacifier

If your baby takes a pacifier (or binky as we call it), do not, I repeat, DO NOT leave the house without an extra. It can be a very long drive home if you lose one & don’t have a backup. Trust me, I’ve learned from experience & it was not a joyful experience to say the least!

6.) Diaper Cream/Ointment

You never know when a raw bum will occur & it’s a sad day when it does happen. I always have something to apply the second I see any redness coming on so the situation doesn’t become any worse.

7.) Changing Pad

Because no one wants to put their baby down on one of those dirty changing tables. NO ONE! Thank goodness most diaper bags come with one inside these days.

8.) Swaddle Blanket

From birth up until the toddler years, these come in handy. We always have one of these on hand just in case.

9.) Bib & Burp Cloth

Going back to the extra clothes, you don’t want to be covered in drool or spit up if you can help it. These are both a must!

Now it’s your turn! What are your diaper bag essentials?!

Must Have Baby Products

5 Must Have Baby Products

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When preparing for your baby’s arrival, life can be slightly overwhelming. From decorating the baby’s room to registering for the hospital, there are so many things to think about. I remember searching over & over for the best baby products without really knowing which products I would truly want/need. When I got pregnant with our second baby, I was a little bit more aware of what I wanted. We have tested out these products for the past 8 weeks & so I thought I would share our ‘top 5 must have baby products’ with you guys! Just so you can have a few less things to worry about 🙂

1.) Summer Infant Digital Video Monitor

We absolutely love this video monitor! We had a different kind when Kannon was a baby & it ended up being a pain. So before we had Hendrix, we decided to ask all of our friends which monitor they would recommend & 9 out of 10 recommended this one. It’s easy to use & you don’t have to worry about someone hacking into your monitor because it’s not online 🙂

2.) Owlet Baby Monitor

This smart sock gives me so much peace of mind! This sock uses pulse oximetry to monitor your baby. If you’re not familiar with pulse oximetry, it’s where a small light shines through your skin and the amount of blood flow and oxygen levels are estimated based on how much light is transmitted to the sensor. Basically, this little sock monitors your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep. Such a brilliant product!

3.) Skip Hop Amazing Arch Activity Gym

We love this activity gym because you can use it 3 ways for baby: on their back, tummy time & sitting up. Hendrix loves this so much! The mat itself is very comfy for him to lay on & the different animals are adorable. This is essential if you want to keep baby occupied for a bit while helping them learn to interact.

4.) Nuna LEAF Curv

This baby seat is noise-free, motor-free & takes inspiration from the movement of a floating leaf. We love this so much because it’s perfect for baby & toddler since it has been endurance tested up to 130 lbs! Whether Kannon (3 1/2 years old) is watching a movie or reading a book in it or Hendrix (8 weeks) is snuggled up in it, we use this seat on the daily. 

5.) Baby Brezza Formula Pro

We knew we wanted to give this a try the second we saw it! Think of it as a Keurig but for baby formula. Perfect for late night feedings when you’re too tired to think about heating up a bottle or during the day when baby is fussy & wants a bottle immediately. This works wonders but a word of advice, make sure you follow the instructions & keep it clean. As long as you do that, you’ll have a perfectly mixed bottle every time!

What are your must have baby products? Have you guys tried any of these?

Gender Reveal

Boy or Girl!?

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Boy or Girl Gender RevealBoy or Girl!?Cupcake Gender Reveal It's A Boy Boy Gender Reveal Big BrotherIT’S A BOY!!!

We are beyond excited to welcome another little boy into our family! I’m so glad that we can finally announce the gender because it took us forever to confirm that this little one is a boy. We found out at our 12 week ultrasound that there was a 99% chance that he was a boy (we found out that early with Kannon as well!) but we always wait to confirm because of all of the stories I’ve heard where the baby ends up being a girl haha. Anyways, moving to NYC made it super difficult because I couldn’t find a doctor that would see me due to the fact that I was past my first trimester & trust me when I say that I tried all of the doctors surrounding us (a lot of tears were shed in that process & I was seriously debating just moving back home to LA.. Pregnancy hormones at their finest :)) We eventually found a doctor that would see me (God bless her!!) & about a week or so ago, we got two confirmations that he is definitely a boy!! I obviously haven’t had a girl before but I LOVE being a momma to a little boy & I can’t wait to have another little boy soon! Kannon is very excited to be a big brother & he already is so sweet about his baby brother. He’s named his baby brother “veggies” & if we refer to him as anything else, he gets very upset. Let’s all hope that he stays this sweet even after baby brother is born 😉

I’m so excited that I can finally start preparing for this little love to enter the world. Let the fun purchases begin!!! 

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