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Rancho Bernardo Inn

Rancho Bernardo Inn

Pool Day

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Rancho Bernardo Inn Rancho Bernardo Inn Rancho Bernardo Inn Rancho Bernardo Inn Rancho Bernardo Inn Rancho Bernardo Inn Rancho Bernardo Inn Rancho Bernardo Inn Rancho Bernardo Inn Rancho Bernardo Inn _ARI9917 Rancho Bernardo InnLast week we spent a few days at the Rancho Bernardo Inn & it was the perfect little family getaway! If you read this post last week, you have already heard a bit about our trip. It worked out to be a great Father’s Day present for Adam. In his words, “what better way to celebrate being a dad than getting to play with my son for 3 days straight!?” & that right there ladies & gentlemen is one of the many reasons I love him so much. I really lucked out in the husband department!

As I’ve said before, Kannon is such a little fish & just loves the water so much. Whether it be the bath, the ocean or a swimming pool, he is in his element. We honestly had so much fun having a pool day that none of us wanted to leave. I grew up in Arizona where the Summer’s are HOT to say the least & you were required to either be in an air conditioned building or to have a pool day so you didn’t overheat. So for me, a pool day with the family is always a fun time & brings back a plethora of fun memories growing up.

Don’t mind my glasses in the pool haha! My eyes are still recovering a bit from overuse of contacts so I try to not wear my contacts as much as possible. I will say though, that wearing glasses in the pool with a two year old who loves to splash is an interesting experience. I think I would have been able to see better without my glasses altogether as opposed to having water droplets covering the lenses the entire time 🙂 I hope you enjoyed our pool day photos & a little snippet into our trip. Love you guys!

Rancho Bernardo Inn

Rancho Bernardo Inn

683 1024 Sheridan Gregory

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If you follow along on Instagram, you know that we’ve been on a little getaway in San Diego at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. It’s always so nice to just getaway for a few days & we are so lucky to have so many incredible places to visit just a few hours away. The Rancho Bernardo Inn is such a beautiful property & so amazing for Kannon since they have a “Kids Rule” program! If you’re heading to San Diego this Summer, definitely check this place out because it’s perfect for everyone since they have a nice golf course, swimming pools, amazing food & an incredible spa! This week is already off to an amazing start & I can’t wait for the rest of it since it’s my birthday this weekend! Eek, I’m going to be 25!! Make sure you’re following along on Instagram for all of the fun celebrations 🙂

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