My 28th + What I Got For My Birthday

I had the best time celebrating my 28th birthday alongside my brother & Hendrix for their birthdays as well! We kept it kind of low key with our celebrations but I wanted to share my birthday week with you guys as well as what I got for my birthday. Not as a way to brag,…

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Weekly Vlog | Our Move + Life Update

I'm so excited for you guys to see this weekly vlog! It has part of our move (including the cutest videos of Hendrix playing in the moving boxes) & us settling into our new apartment, which I hope you guys enjoy. This one is a bit long so grab a snack :) Don't worry though,…

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Rome Vlog Day 1

I fell in love with Rome all over again this trip. I'm so excited to share this adventure with you all! Make sure &

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My New Hair!

Make sure to

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Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch 2016 Vlog

Boots  I absolutely love going to the pumpkin patch!! We go multiple times every year but was time was extra exciting because it was Hendrix's first time going to a pumpkin patch! I love experiencing all of the firsts again! I hope you guys enjoy this little video from our day :)

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NYFW Vlog / NYC Girls Trip


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