Holiday Lysts

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Handbag Lyst Jewelry Lyst  Is anyone else getting excited for holiday shopping!? It’s nearly November… Where in the world did this year go? I swear every year goes by faster & faster. I really wish time would just slow down a bit but that’s a whole rant I won’t get into right now. As for…

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Blush & A Giveaway

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Sweater: Nordstrom – Skirt: Nordstrom(On Sale $19.98) – Necklace: c/o Urban Peach Boutique(On Sale $13.95) – Heels: ShoeMint similar Here – Bag: c/o Windsor – Earrings: Nordstrom – Bracelets: c/o Stella & Bow It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a giveaway for you guys & so when Urban Peach Boutique mentioned doing…

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A Bit Of A Change

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Tee Shirt: c/o Windsor – Pants: H&M similar Here – Booties: Zara – Hat: TopShop similar Here – Backpack: c/o Sorial Happy Monday friends! Sorry that there has been a lack in posts the past week or so.. Life has been a bit crazy. We’ve been preparing for a bit of a change. I mentioned…

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Milk Maid Braids Tutorial

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I finally put together a tutorial for the milk maid braids I have been wearing a lot lately! I absolutely love this hairstyle & get so many compliments every time I wear it. I hope you guys enjoy & if you have any questions, sound off in the comments below & I’ll answer them. Also,…

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VIDEO: Summer Essentials 2014

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I told you I would be posting more videos sooo here you go! I’m so excited that Summer is here! I have been spending the majority of my days in a swimsuit & that makes me one happy girl 🙂 Hope you enjoy & sound off in the comments below with your Summer essentials!

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New Favorite Products – Skincare, Makeup & More

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Sorry that it took FOREVER to get another video up! I promise I won’t let that happen again 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy this one though. I discovered some amazing new products that I highly recommend for you all! (You can shop the products below the video) Enjoy!

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My Go-To Makeup Brushes

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Following yesterdays post, I thought I would tell you guys about my favorite makeup brushes! You saw most of these in my haul videos Here & Here but I wanted to let you guys know the ones that I’m obsessed with! I’ll go from left to right… Setting Brush- I actually use this brush for…

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Makeup of the Moment

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I am always getting asked about my makeup routine & I have been promising an everyday makeup tutorial for months. I promise I am still going to post that, it has just been super hard to do videos these days. There will be many more to come though so stay tuned!! Anyways, here are my…

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Hope to Thailand

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“Ferro Cosmetics has partnered with Fashion Hope to make dreams come true. Hope to Thailand is a project spearheaded by our Ambassador Kelly King and Hanne Fellers founder of Passport 2 Freedom. If we made conscious decisions about what t-shirt we bought or jewelry we wore you’d be amazed at the impact you could have…

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DIY-Relaxing Lavender Body Scrub

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It’s almost the weekend & I literally could not be more excited about it! It seems like life has just gotten super busy the past month or so. It’s always good to be busy but you need to balance the busy with some relaxation or you will eventually crash. It’s been hard lately balancing Adam…

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