Makeup of the Moment

650 619 Sheridan Gregory

I am always getting asked about my makeup routine & I have been promising an everyday makeup tutorial for months. I promise I am still going to post that, it has just been super hard to do videos these days. There will be many more to come though so stay tuned!! Anyways, here are my…

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Hope to Thailand

650 431 Sheridan Gregory

“Ferro Cosmetics has partnered with Fashion Hope to make dreams come true. Hope to Thailand is a project spearheaded by our Ambassador Kelly King and Hanne Fellers founder of Passport 2 Freedom. If we made conscious decisions about what t-shirt we bought or jewelry we wore you’d be amazed at the impact you could have…

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DIY-Relaxing Lavender Body Scrub

650 599 Sheridan Gregory

It’s almost the weekend & I literally could not be more excited about it! It seems like life has just gotten super busy the past month or so. It’s always good to be busy but you need to balance the busy with some relaxation or you will eventually crash. It’s been hard lately balancing Adam…

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Messy Curls Hair Tutorial

756 426 Sheridan Gregory

The video I have been promising you guys for about a month is finally here!! I have gotten a lot of requests from you guys asking for this so I hope you guys like it & I hope it makes sense! If you have any other questions, just let me know in the comments or…

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Haul Video: Ulta Edition!

761 425 Sheridan Gregory

Today I have another haul video for you guys! I took a trip to Ulta & got a few things that I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. I can’t wait to give all of these products a go & see which ones I like & which ones I could do without. Hope…

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Spring MakeUp Haul Video

761 427 Sheridan Gregory

I made my first haul video for you guys! I’m super excited to try these products & tell you guys what I think of them! Per usual, let me know what you think & leave a comment to let me know what you want to see more of! Thanks for following along! ūüôā ***PRODUCTS MENTIONED:…

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First Impression: Loreal Colour Riche Lipstick-Spring Shades

760 426 Sheridan Gregory

¬†I did my first “first impression” video for you guys. I hope you enjoy it (especially the crazy face I’m making in the screenshot below haha :))! Let me know what you guys want to see more of & I will try to get those videos up. Thanks for watching! Hope you all had a…

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My Skin Care Routine

760 430 Sheridan Gregory

I get asked about my skin care routine so much that I decided to finally do a video for you guys! Sorry it’s a bit long & that I ramble a bit, it’s my first one. Promise I’ll get better! Make sure & comment to let me know what you guys want to see in…

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it’s giveaway time

1024 635 Sheridan Gregory

      {Blushing Boulevard}       {The Style Record}          {Kelsey Bang}            {Wild One Forever}             {Pink Avenue}             {Blue Eyed Finch}              {Salt Style}          …

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Loose Curls Hair Tutorial

420 1024 Sheridan Gregory

Happy 4th of July!!! Hope you all have a safe & amazing day/weekend celebrating! I promised I would do a tutorial on how I curl my hair ages ago & I am sooo sorry that I just now got around to it! This is my first tutorial so don’t judge me haha. If you have…

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