Easy Boho Braids

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If you guys haven’t noticed yet, I recently got some clip in extensions! I’ve had extensions on & off since I was about 14 & whenever I need a change for my hair, I find myself coming right back to them. If you guys are looking for clip ins for yourself, I highly recommend Luxy Hair because they are such great quality & unlike some clip ins, each weft is the perfect thickness & the clips are good quality.  Over the years, I have tried plenty of different extensions & these ones are probably my favorites so far. I was sent the ash blonde set but had them custom colored because I have a few different shades of blonde in my hair. A massive thank you goes out to my hair colorist Kadi who has been coloring my hair (& extensions) since I was 16! She’s the best!!

Now about this tutorial.. I honestly have been wearing my hair like this for the past week. I should be embarrassed about that but it’s just so quick & convenient that I can’t help myself. I also love that this hairstyle doesn’t require heat (unless you want to curl the front pieces like I did) because every Summer, I try to take a break from curling my hair as much & try to find new hairstyles that don’t require heat. My hair gets damaged way too easily & it’s finally getting longer so I definitely don’t want to mess that up! Plus, we are headed on a road trip over the next few weeks & I don’t want to stress about curling my hair everyday. For reals though, we’re camping part of our trip & I won’t even have electricity to curl my hair haha. So if you’re not already following along, head on over & follow me on Instagram & Snapchat (username: sheridangregory) so you can see all of our adventure!! It’s going to be a good one! 🙂 

Sheridan Gregory