Perfume Collection

Perfume Collection

Perfume Collection Perfume CollectionI’ve been asked on quite a few occasions to do a post on my perfume collection. I always held back due to the fact that I haven’t bought a new perfume in ages & I felt like I wouldn’t be sharing anything new with you all. I’ve gotten over that though & thought it would be fun to share my favorites with you guys! (& two perfumes that I’ll be purchasing next ) Well, let’s get on with it then 🙂

Vera Wang ‘Princess’ – Yes, I’m well aware that this perfume is labeled for teenage girls. To be honest, I fell in love with this perfume when I was a teenager myself & I just can’t seem to quit it. This scent is sweet & enchanting. The name really does suit it because it’s the type of perfume you would expect a princess to wear.

Viktor & Rolf ‘Flowerbomb’ – I first discovered this perfume in NYC with my momma. We were strolling through a department store & a few women were handing out samples of the new fragrances. This scent honestly reminds me of my mom & while I love the scent, I love that it reminds me of her (Flowerbomb & Eternity are her two signature perfumes!) I honestly don’t usually love floral scents but this one is incredible. I love that they describe it as living in  your own secret garden because it’s the perfect mixture of Jasmine, Rose, Orchid, Freesia & Patchouli.

Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’ – I received this perfume when I first moved to LA! While that doesn’t seem too long ago, it also feels like it was another lifetime. Weird how that happens with time, right?! This perfume actually took some time to grow on me. The first time I smelled it, I wasn’t a massive fan. I of course gave it another shot & slowly but surely, I grew to love it! This scent is floral & feminine with a touch of musk & vanilla.

Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy Eau So Fresh’ – A new take on the classic Daisy perfume & while sequels can often times be a bit blah, they did not go wrong when they created this one. I absolutely love how playful this fragrance is! This version is a bit more fruity & in my opinion, a bit more fun. I love to wear this scent when I’m feeling a bit spunky haha. Do you guys ever match your perfume to the way you’re feeling or the way you want to feel that day?!

Chanel ‘COCO Mademoiselle’ – This scent is actually very new to me. I had worn Chanel Chance previously but had never tried this until I was gifted a bottle of it. I love all things Chanel but then again, who doesn’t? I love that this scent has a slight citrus scent to it. This is the Eau De Toilette version so I believe it’s a bit lighter.

Writing this post got me thinking back to the first perfume I was ever given! It was called White Shoulders & my grandma used to wear it (maybe she still does) & it was my moms first perfume as well! It’s a very musky scent & I thought I was so grown up that I could wear a real perfume. I cherished that bottle like it was pure gold! Oh the memories 🙂 What was your first perfume?!

Now for two perfumes that I will be adding to my collection next! Drum roll please……Fresh ‘Sugar Lychee’ – I loooove this scent! It’s a sweet scent so if you don’t enjoy those, stay clear of this one. I love the mixture of the fruity sweet scent & the amber. Such a good one!

Elizabeth and James ‘Nirvana Black’ – This is a scent that I have gone back & forth on for a few months now. Adam isn’t a massive fan of this scent some days & then other days he enjoys it. I had a sample of this that I brought on our road trip this Summer though & I fell in love with it. Funny how a scent grows on you like that! I think this scent will be perfect for Fall & Winter as well!

Well, that’s my perfume roundup for you guys!! I hope you enjoyed & I would love for you guys to share your favorite perfume with me in the comments 🙂

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