Play-Proof Clothes

Play-Proof Clothes

If you’ve been following along for a while, you know that one of our favorite things to do is go on adventures. There is nothing better than seeing the world through our boys’ eyes.

One of our favorite places to adventure here in Southern California is Malibu. The beaches are gorgeous & the hikes are absolutely breathtaking. Point Dume is one of our favorite places to take the boys because It’s a relatively easy hike (I would recommend some closed toe shoes though). It has some of the most incredible views of the coast & is perfect for kids because it’s a reasonably quick trip to the top & not very steep. We try to get our boys outdoors as much as possible because let’s be honest, most little boys would prefer to be outside all day long!

With all of our outdoor adventures, it’s really important for us to have clothes for Kannon & Hendrix that are going to last & be 100% play-proof. You guys know that I love Kohl’s & that the majority of my boys’ wardrobe is purchased from there because it’s the perfect one-stop-shop, it’s affordable & the quality is great for active kids. I love that while the clothes are high quality & geared for play, they’re made from comfortable materials so I don’t have to stress about my boys being uncomfortable, even when they’re napping. Comfort & quality are honestly the most important things I look for when purchasing clothes & I never have to worry when shopping at Kohl’s because I know exactly what I’ll be getting, even when I order online. Also, I love that Kohl’s carries some of my favorite brands like Adidas & Nike because I can match with Kannon 🙂

If you guys are ever in Southern California, I highly recommend hiking to the top of Point Dume. You won’t be disappointed!!


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