My Spring Makeup Faves

My Spring Makeup Faves

I you like to update your makeup routine with each season, then you’ll love my spring makeup faves that I’m sharing today. Right now, I’m loving fun pops of color, fresh glowing skin and a bold brow. Trying out new beauty products is one of my favorite things to do, and there are some new finds that have made their way into my everyday routine. So, if you’re curious what makeup products I’m currently obsessed with for spring, then keep scrolling!

First off, I recently bought the Kosas brow pencil and tinted brow gel and no exaggeration, they work wonders! I use the shade Taupe in both but they come in a few other shades as well. I’m so obsessed I literally ordered backups just in case! The combo of the two works wonders – lasts all day and I love that the gel doesn’t feel too heavy or like actual glue on my brows (IYKYK)!

I also picked up some fun new eyeshadow, blush and lipstick shades to try out. In the spring, I love pink, coral and lavender hues – how pretty are the shades in this Patrick Ta eyeshadow palette? I also love that ‘lit from within’ glow, especially this time of year, so I want to try out this Iconic London liquid highlighter. I’ve heard amazing things about it! If you’re like me and love a cream blush, then you have to try the Rose Inc ones. The colors are so pretty for spring and they last all day!

While I love a matte lip, this Tarte juicy lip plump looks incredible! Is there anything better than a glossy lip this time of year? It comes in a bunch of different shades – I honestly want to try them all! I’m linking all my current faves down below for you, but I’d love to know what beauty products you’re loving lately – let me know what I should try next!

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