15 Must-See Places in Copenhagen

15 Must-See Places in Copenhagen

If you have followed me for any amount of time, you probably already know my love for Copenhagen. I first visited Copenhagen in 2018 on a girls trip and completely fell in love with it. I couldn’t wait to go back with my husband and kids so I’m thrilled that we finally made a trip together happen!  This vibrant city is filled with history, culture, and breathtaking scenery. For anyone planning a trip to this incredible city, I have compiled a list of 15 must-see places in Copenhagen that you cannot miss during your stay.

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1.) The Round Tower

This iconic tower is one of Copenhagen’s most famous landmarks. It was built in the 17th century as an astronomical observatory and offers stunning views of the city. The tower is easily accessible and has a unique spiral ramp that leads to the top. The architecture is absolutely stunning. The lighting, the arches, the spiral ramp.. so beautiful!

2.) Rosenborg Castle and The King’s Gardens

If you’re a fan of history and royalty, then Rosenborg Castle is a must-visit. This 17th-century castle is home to the Danish Crown Jewels and offers a glimpse into Denmark’s rich history. The surrounding gardens are also a treat, with lush greenery and beautiful flowers.

3.) Frederik’s Church

Also known as the Marble Church, this stunning baroque church is located in the heart of Copenhagen. Its striking dome can be seen from all over the city and its interior is just as impressive.

4.) Amalienborg Palace

This palace complex is the official residence of the Danish royal family. Visitors can watch the changing of the guard ceremony and explore the four identical palaces that make up the complex. Highly recommend this palace, it’s a truly special experience. You are able to purchase tickets ahead of time & I would definitely recommend that if you’re visiting during a busy season.

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5.) Landmærket Street

This picturesque street is located in the heart of Copenhagen’s old town and is lined with colorful buildings and cafes. It’s the perfect spot for a leisurely stroll and some people-watching. I couldn’t stop thinking about how wonderful it would be to live on such a beautiful street.

6.) Trinity Church

This beautiful church is located in the trendy neighborhood of Christianshavn. Its unique spire can be seen from all over the city and its interior is just as impressive. You are able to see a peek of the stunning interior from The Round Tower because they are connected.

7.) Torvehallerne

Foodies, rejoice! Torvehallerne is Copenhagen’s premier food hall and offers a wide variety of local and international delicacies. From fresh seafood to artisanal chocolates, there’s something for everyone. This is truly a must, I could spend hours looking around, it’s that wonderful!

8.) Kastellet

This historic fortress was built in the 17th century and is one of Copenhagen’s best-preserved fortifications. It’s surrounded by a moat and offers beautiful views of the harbor. Whether you’re exploring by foot, bicycle, or hopping in a car to see the city, this is a lovely place to explore. It’s incredibly serene to walk around, which makes it hard to believe that intense battles were once fought here.

9.) Nyhavn

This iconic waterfront district is a must-visit during your stay in Copenhagen. Its colorful buildings and bustling atmosphere make it the perfect spot for a drink or a bite to eat. It can get pretty crowded during busy seasons so I would recommend visiting first thing in the morning to truly enjoy taking it all in, then you can sit for a drink or something to eat afterwards and enjoy a bit of people watching.

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10.) Tivoli Gardens

I can go on & on about Tivoli Gardens because it is truly one of my favorite places and was a must for the 15 must-see places in Copenhagen. This amusement park is a Copenhagen institution and has been entertaining visitors since 1843 and was hands down our boys favorite part of Copenhagen. It offers a variety of rides, games, and attractions, as well as beautiful gardens and restaurants. We could have spent multiple days here because the kids had such an incredible time but even if you only have a few hours, it is worth the trip. Don’t forget to stop into the food hall, we ate here multiple times on our last trip & the variety of foods is wonderful if your group is wanting different selections. Let me know if you would enjoy a full post on the best of Tivoli because there is so much to share!

11.) Herkules Pavillonen

This charming pavilion is located in the Frederiksberg Gardens and is the perfect spot for a picnic or a cup of coffee. Its tranquil setting and beautiful views make it a favorite among locals. The eatery is only open during June, July, and August but it’s a beautiful place to explore any time of year.

12.) The Botanical Gardens

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, these gardens are home to over 13,000 species of plants from all over the world. They’re the perfect spot for a peaceful stroll or a picnic. The Palm House is the perfect place to visit on a cold day as well because it’s a warm reprieve from the weather outside.

13.) Christianshavn

This trendy neighborhood is located on a series of islands and offers a unique mix of old-world charm and modern cool. It’s home to many cafes, bars, and restaurants, as well as some of Copenhagen’s best views. I would recommend taking a couple of hours to walk around and enjoy a yummy sweet treat or delicious meal at one of the many restaurants.

14.) Frederiksberg Palace

This stunning palace is located in the Frederiksberg Gardens and is one of Copenhagen’s hidden gems. Its beautiful architecture and tranquil setting make it the perfect spot for a relaxing afternoon. Daily walks during the warmer months would be a must for me.

15.) The Little Mermaid

One of Copenhagen’s most iconic attractions, this bronze statue was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tale and is a must see if you’re a fan of this classic. There is so much history surrounding Hans Christian Andersen around Copenhagen and this is definitely top of the list for me as I grew up loving this classic story.

While I could go on and on about every wonderful thing about this incredible city, I hope this list of 15 must-see places in Copenhagen inspires you to explore all it has to offer. Copenhagen is a city that will leave you enchanted and wanting more.

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