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A New Favorite Hair Tool

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You guys know that my go-to hairstyle is messy waves BUT lately I’ve felt the need to switch things up & try out new hairstyles again. So I did a little GRWM (get ready with me) on my Instagram Stories a few days ago to share a sleek & straight pinned back look that was quick & easy. If you missed it, I saved it to my story highlights on my Instagram page here!

revlon hair tools copper revlon hair copper flat iron

During that GRWM I chatted about a new hair tool that I’m obsessing over, the new Revlon Pro Collection Salon Straight Fast Glide Copper Smooth XL 1 ½” Flat Iron. If you saw my mini tutorial, you saw how blown away I was with this product! It took my hair from frizzy to sleek so quickly & left my hair feeling healthy & shiny all at the same time. I honestly couldn’t believe that such an affordable hair tool made that big of a transformation!
I love that the Copper ensures that heat is distributed faster and more evenly to help reduce damage from over-styling & that this new iron features smoother, wider AND longer plates for 2x more styling power with every pass. Also, the Advanced Copper 3x Ceramic Plate Technology helps control frizz for up to 24 hours and creates a glossy sheen leaving hair gorgeous all day and night. Plus, you can use this flat iron to create straight looks as well as curl your hair. Genius, I know! I posted a tutorial on my Instagram Stories for you guys to show you just how easy it is too so make sure to check that out!
revlon hair flat iron revlon hair tools new
I haven’t found a hair tool that I love this much in forever & I couldn’t wait to share this product with you guys. I can’t recommend this flat iron enough & I loved showing you guys on my Instagram Stories how easy it is to use & how incredible the results are. If you’re in the market for a new hair tool, definitely purchase this one HERE because you can’t beat the quality & the best part is that it’s affordable! A major win-win in my book!
Do you guys want to see more hair tutorials? Comment below & let me know!
Herbal Essences Changes

Embracing Change With Herbal Essences

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Over the past couple of years, I have gone through a whirlwind of changes. From moving to NYC to Hendrix’s birth & the past 15 months of his life, I have changed so much as an individual & as a mother. While change can be difficult at times (especially for the anxious type like myself), I’ve learned to embrace it over the years & a simple change of mindset has helped me grow so much.

Herbal Essences

When I heard about the Herbal Essences ‘Changes’ campaign, I immediately knew I wanted to be apart of it! One, because who doesn’t love Herbal Essences products!? & Two, because I have had the craziest change in my hair after having Hendrix & as silly as it might sound, these changes (baby AND hair) have completely changed my mindset on life. Honestly, when I first watched the Herbal Essences Changes Video I started to tear up because it’s so inspiring to see people have the courage to make a change. It’s incredible how freeing change can be!

Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Having a baby is a big change both mentally & physically. While everyone is aware of the obvious physical changes that come with pregnancy (hello, giant baby bump), I’ve learned that a lot of people aren’t aware of the hair loss about 6 months AFTER you have your baby. I’ll admit I was shocked when my hair started falling out after I had Hendrix & it’s funny because I had already gone through the whole experience previously with Kannon! There was something this time around though that felt different & that’s when I decided to approach things differently. I decided to embrace the new hair growth (even though at times it was a nightmare to style) & I kind of viewed the whole experience as “new hair, new me”. Instead of lingering on the hair loss, I focused on the growth & decided to focus on my growth as an individual as well. With that change came a newfound happiness within myself & I’m beyond thankful for that!

Easy Fall Hairstyle

Have any of you had an experience where a small change ended up having a huge impact on your life?

If you haven’t already, I would love for you all to watch the video from the Herbal Essences ‘Changes’ campaign. I find it so inspiring & I hope every one of you who watches it feels the same!

Special thanks to Herbal Essences & POPSUGAR for sponsoring this post 🙂

messy waves tutorial

Messy Beach Waves Tutorial

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One of the most common questions I get is, “How do you curl your hair!?” or “What do you use to get your messy waves??”. So, I figured I would film a new video & show you guys how I get my messy beach waves! I also included little tips on how to style those pesky little baby hairs around your face for anyone with postpartum regrowth or breakage so I hope that helps some of you asking for those!

While you definitely don’t need to use this exact curling iron, this is the one that I use & I really love it. If you’re looking for an actual curling iron with a clip, I use this one all the time as well.

I hope you enjoy this messy beach waves tutorial & feel free to ask any questions you might have. I know that it can be kind of confusing watching hair tutorials sometimes 🙂


Hair products blondes

Favorite Hair Products

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If you knew me in high school, you know that my hair has come a LONG way. The damage I did to my hair in my early teens was absurd & the sad part was that I didn’t even know how much damage I was actually causing. I didn’t know what a good hair colorist was until I was 16-17 & thankfully I found Kadi who is literally a hair goddess! (You can read all about how she colors my hair here) With her help over the years, I have completely transformed my hair & gotten it to a point where despite the coloring, it’s still healthy. I can’t stress how important it is to get your hair colored by someone who truly knows what they’re doing. When you combine that with taking good care of your hair, you will see a drastic difference in your hair’s overall health!

blonde hair healthy-hair-products

Okay, now onto my favorite hair products that I have been using to help maintain my color & the ones I use to keep it healthy & strong!

Purple Shampoo: This is something that I have to use. If you read this post, you know that my hair can get brassy very easily. I personally use purple shampoo once a week & I have found that with the use of this, I can combat that brassiness altogether. I alternate between this Joico shampoo & this dpHUE shampoo. Both work really well!

Coconut Oil: I have used countless hair masks & I always come back to coconut oil. Honestly, you can’t beat a coconut oil hair mask! It’s affordable (you can buy it at the grocery store), easy to find & gets the job done. I try to use this once a week & I usually keep it on overnight. If you don’t want to keep it on that long, aim for at least 20 minutes. The key to not having greasy hair though is to put the shampoo in BEFORE you get your hair wet. Oil & water don’t mix so you need to break up the oil with the shampoo before adding the water. Trust me, it works!

Leave-In Conditioner: This is a product that everyone should be using! After every single shower, I towel dry my hair & spray in my leave-in conditioner. Your hair could always use a little TLC & this is such an easy way to keep it healthy & strong. I’ve been using this Briogeo spray for over a year now & actually just got another one because I’m almost completely out of my current bottle.

Smooth Infusion: This product by Aveda is a must for me. My hair tends to be frizzy & this really helps smooth out my hair without feeling too heavy or greasy. I apply one pump to the ends of my towel dried hair & it really helps with my frizz. If you have a problem with frizzy hair, definitely give this one a try!

Shampoo & Conditioner: I know that most people say that drugstore shampoo & conditioner are terrible for your hair BUT I beg to differ. I have been using the Garnier Whole Blends for over a year now & I honestly love them. My hair feels amazing & they are incredibly hydrating. So if you’re looking for good shampoo & conditioner that doesn’t cost a small fortune, give these a try!

blonde hair routinehealthy-hair healthy-hair-care

Those are all of the products I use on a regular basis! What are your go-to products?

Off The Shoulder Romper


Balayage Blonde

Hair Color Process

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Happy Friday, friends!

After changing my hair color a few months ago, I have had an unbelievable amount of questions. From the actual color process to the types of products I use to keep it healthy & keep my blonde from turning brassy. So I decided to do a couple posts dedicated to my hair for you guys. This post is going to be dedicated to my actual color process & what my dear friend/hair colorist did to get the color I have. (Thank you, Kadi!)

Blonde Balayage

Floral Dress (Runs large, size down!)

blonde roots Natural blonde hair

The first round was to recreate a natural looking base color by using a gentle non-ammonia semi-permanent color. We used L’Oréal Richesse. The formula was 1/2 7.01, 1/4 7, 1/4 8.13, and 1/4 6.01. (My natural color is closer to a level 7 (dark blonde))

Because my hair has a tendency to lift on the warm side, and oxidize on the warm side, Kadi formulated on the cool side (that’s the .01, but she added a tiny touch of beige in the formula (that’s the .13) as insurance so that the result wouldn’t be too drab or green.

With hair that was as blonde as mine was previously, it is very porous and can grab tones easily and VERY quickly. As quickly as it grabs it can also fade, so the 6.01 was added for that tiny bit of depth and grounding.

Kadi processed the new base color for 30 minutes total, but she brought it down lower gradually, so that it was on the roots for 30 (where she wanted the most depth), but on the mid-shaft of the hair for only about 15.

The entire time she used her hands to blend and blur the color so that there would be no obvious line of demarcation. The end goal was to recreate a base color that looked like it had grown out for many months.

She left the bottom half of the hair out and protected it with a thick conditioner while she rinsed the base, and then she toned all of the hair with a light beige gloss with a hint of gold. Clients always run away from gold, but it’s a truly flattering tone on the skin. The gloss helped to further blur the line from the new base color to the remaining previous blonde on the ends.

She then dried my hair completely and even styled it a bit before hand painting some face framing highlights. This helps her to place exactly where she wants bright pops of color. No second guessing when the hair is styled like how the client actually wears it.

She then balayaged the ends and around the face, and also some very fine pieces throughout the crown.

Kadi never likes to do any more toners at this stage. She think it’s pointless and usually ruins the dimension that she’s worked hard to recreate.

The goal was to recreate a natural looking base color. A fresh canvas. And then paint deliberate and well-placed highlights so that as my natural color grows in, it will be a similar color to my re-created base, so that I can go many months in between color appointments.

The ultimate goal, where we are now, is to use my natural color as the background, and continue only doing minimal highlights for a very natural, low maintenance blonde!

I hope this helps all of you who asked about my color. Stay tuned for another post on my current favorite hair care products 🙂

Summer Hairstyle

2 Summer Hairstyles

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Long Hair Hairstyle<2 Summer Hairstyles>

Summer is right around the corner & I am loving this warm weather! With the change of seasons, I’ve been coming up with some fun hairstyles to wear lately & these are two of my absolute favorites. I loved teaming up with Maurices to create 2 Summer hairstyles for you guys & hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do! Head on over to their new blog to see step-by-step instructions on how to re-create both of these looks.

Easy Braided Bun Tutorial

Easy Braided Bun Tutorial

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Braided Bun Dainty Gold Necklace Mom Style Lanterns in the sky Toddler Style Rise Festival Floating LanternsIf you’ve been following along for awhile, you know that I am all about easy hairstyles. There are those days when I honestly just don’t have the time to worry about my hair & let’s be honest, those days happen far too often over here. I thought I would share one of my new favorites ways to wear my hair & I hope you guys enjoy this easy braided bun tutorial as much as I do 🙂 Also, these photos were taken at The Rise Festival last year & I never had the chance to post them because I got so sick. This was the day that we found out I was pregnant with baby #2 & it was just so perfect to get to go send up lanterns into the sky. If you’ve ever seen the Disney film, Tangled, you know exactly what I’m talking about! If you haven’t seen that movie, let’s just pretend I’m not a 25 year old who still watches Disney films 😉

Messy Half Fishtail Braid

Messy Half Fishtail Braid

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Full Tutorial HERE

I’m going to be honest with you guys here.. (When am I not!?) I am secretly SO lazy when it comes to doing my hair. I know, I’m a fashion & beauty blogger, I should LOVE doing my hair. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely those days when I love to take my time with getting ready but most of the time, I would prefer to get ready as quick as possible. That could partially have something to do with the fact that I have a 2 1/2 year old who needs constant supervision & I would much rather spend time with him than spending an hour on my hair. (He’s just so dang cute & irresistible!) Moral of this rant, I like hairstyles that are quick, easy & most importantly, don’t require heat. This messy half fishtail braid is the perfect option for those days when you don’t want to take a lot of time on your hair or when you’re just lazy & can’t be bothered. Am I the only one who feels this way!? I sure hope not but if I am, just forget I said anything at all 😉 Make sure & head over HERE for the full tutorial & I would love it if you subscribed to my channel as well 🙂

Easy Boho Braids

Easy Boho Braids

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If you guys haven’t noticed yet, I recently got some clip in extensions! I’ve had extensions on & off since I was about 14 & whenever I need a change for my hair, I find myself coming right back to them. If you guys are looking for clip ins for yourself, I highly recommend Luxy Hair because they are such great quality & unlike some clip ins, each weft is the perfect thickness & the clips are good quality.  Over the years, I have tried plenty of different extensions & these ones are probably my favorites so far. I was sent the ash blonde set but had them custom colored because I have a few different shades of blonde in my hair. A massive thank you goes out to my hair colorist Kadi who has been coloring my hair (& extensions) since I was 16! She’s the best!!

Now about this tutorial.. I honestly have been wearing my hair like this for the past week. I should be embarrassed about that but it’s just so quick & convenient that I can’t help myself. I also love that this hairstyle doesn’t require heat (unless you want to curl the front pieces like I did) because every Summer, I try to take a break from curling my hair as much & try to find new hairstyles that don’t require heat. My hair gets damaged way too easily & it’s finally getting longer so I definitely don’t want to mess that up! Plus, we are headed on a road trip over the next few weeks & I don’t want to stress about curling my hair everyday. For reals though, we’re camping part of our trip & I won’t even have electricity to curl my hair haha. So if you’re not already following along, head on over & follow me on Instagram & Snapchat (username: sheridangregory) so you can see all of our adventure!! It’s going to be a good one! 🙂 

Quick & Easy Summer Hairstyles

Quick & Easy Summer Hairstyles

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I’m so excited to show you guys this video with 3 quick & easy Summer hairstyles that I’ll be wearing all season long! I love easy hairstyles for those days when you just don’t have a ton of time to focus on your hair (which is most days for me :)) & I just love all 3 of these looks. I hope you guys enjoy the video & make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more!

Thank you to for teaming up with me for this video! I had so much fun making this & LOVE all of the products used in this video. Folica was so sweet to offer a discount code for you all so make sure & check that out below!!

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Products Used:

Theorie Altitude Volumizing Spray
Theorie Heat Shield Thermal Spray
Sedu 1 Inch Styling Iron

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